2019 Cyber Monday Best Sales Day in Company History

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–StudentUniverse, the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth, announced today its best Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend ever. Cyber Monday 2019 (December 2) was the company’s best sales day ever, beating last year’s record by 24%.

Cyber Monday was a record-breaking day in more than just sales. The company helped customers save a record amount on flights with 4,942 promo code uses (up 15% YOY) and $200K in extra discounts (up 37% YOY). The increase in sales, savings and promo codes for students is due in part to great offers from partnering airlines.

Black Friday (November 29) should not be overlooked, either. This year’s Black Friday was the 3rd best sales day in company history, beating out even previous Cyber Monday records. It was also the most tickets sold on a day that’s not Cyber Monday (up 27% YOY).

“We’re thrilled to see the increase in student travelers buying tickets not only for flying between school and home, but also for spring breaks, study abroad and trips with friends,” Mike Cleary, Global Managing Director of StudentUniverse says. “Our goal is always to continue being an outstanding resource for student and youth travelers through exclusive discounts and providing more opportunities for them to travel and see the world. We look forward to bringing even more discounts and resources to students in the coming year.”

With such a high volume of tickets booked on these days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to see trends in student bookings. Here’s what students are booking for 2020:

  • 53% of the bookings were one-way flights. Students book one-way flights to increase flexibility while traveling.
  • The most-frequently booked regions on Cyber Monday included domestic flights within the US (up 15% YOY), US to Europe flights (+36%), Intra-europe (+211% YOY) and US to Asia (up 17% YOY).
  • Students love traveling with friends: over 750 users who booked on Cyber Monday purchased 8 or more tickets.

Over the course of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a few routes stood out as the most popular—this due, of course, to the amazing discounts on these cities as well as the popularity of these cities with students. Our top booked routes were:

  • New York to London
  • Los Angeles to London
  • Chicago to NY
  • NY to Los Angeles
  • Boston to London

Most exciting is seeing the amazing deals that student travelers find on StudentUniverse. Many students snatched up one-way fares to London between $25-$50 dollars. Asia fares hit new lows as well, with the cheapest trip from the US to Asia clocking in at $191 roundtrip (from Denver to Beijing). One student even booked a flight from London to Stockholm for just $3.99. Many of these discounts were due in part thanks to airline partners like United, Delta, Qatar, Air Canada, and Cathay Pacific and more.

About StudentUniverse

StudentUniverse is the world’s leading travel booking service for students and youth. It offers exclusive pricing and terms on flights, hotels and tours through contracts with dozens of world-class partners and over 220 airlines. Its Travel Services division handles client requests for groups and custom itineraries.

StudentUniverse launched in 2000 and was acquired by Flight Centre Travel Group in 2015. StudentUniverse is headquartered in Boston with offices in London, Toronto and the Philippines. StudentUniverse believes that travel is essential to a modern education. Millions of students use the service every year. For updates on StudentUniverse, follow our corporate Twitter and LinkedIn.



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