UNITE HERE Files Federal Labor Charges Against Anbang Insurance Group

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UNITE HERE this week filed federal unfair labor practice charges against
Anbang Insurance Group and three of its hotel operators for failing to
comply with its request for information on the firm’s ownership and
sources of financing. The charges come as China-based Anbang reportedly
may be under pressure to sell its overseas assets, which could include
its hotel portfolio.

In May, UNITE HERE affiliates in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago submitted
to Anbang and local hotel operators demanding information
on Anbang’s ownership, as well as hotel management agreements and
documents related to potential condominium conversions of the hotels.
Anbang has not provided information responsive to the requests.

“Anbang and its operators received our request for information three
months ago, but have failed to provide the information that we and our
members need,” said Kurt Petersen, Co-President of UNITE HERE Local 11
in Los Angeles. “By filing these federal charges, we’re asking the
National Labor Relations Board to compel disclosure.”

The charges were filed Wednesday with regional offices of the National
Labor Relations Board. UNITE HERE made its information requests pursuant
to federal labor law granting the union access to information about
practices which could affect unionized workers at the hotels.

On July 31, Bloomberg reported that “Chinese authorities have
asked Anbang Insurance Group Co., the insurer whose chairman was
detained in June, to sell its overseas assets”. Anbang and the China
Insurance Regulatory Commission have denied that Anbang is under
pressure to sell. UNITE HERE has called
on Anbang
to guarantee that workers would not be fired as part of
any sale.

UNITE HERE represents over one thousand workers at Anbang’s Westin St.
Francis, Loews Santa Monica, and Fairmont Chicago hotels.


Press contact:
Elliott Mallen,