Flagship Properties Selected to Market Coronado Island’s Grand Oceanfront Estate

CORONADO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coastal_livingFlagship
announced today that the iconic 100-year-old Coronado
Oceanfront Estate at 519 Ocean Boulevard, known as SEASHORE is now FOR
SALE for $13,500,000. This magnificent estate was built at the far north
end of Coronado Island and was designed by renowned architect William
Hebbard. This oceanfront home is similar to two of Hebbard’s Newport,
Rhode Island “cottages,” one of which remains today as St. Michael’s

The VELCRO® Mansion

The estate at 519 Ocean Boulevard, celebrating its 100-year history, was
purchased by Clark and Nina Hartwell in 1972 and they named it SEASHORE.
The Hartwell family has owned the house since then. Locals refer to it
as “the VELCRO® Mansion.”

Hook and loop fasteners (for which the VELCRO® Brand is famous) were
invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer who, after a hunting
trip in 1948, was intrigued with burrs that attached to his wool pants.
Taking a microscope he observed the stiff hook in the burr and after
much research learned that he could replicate the hook by exposing
hooked nylon to infrared light. He patented his design in 1955 creating
the VELCRO® Brand by combining the words velour and crochet.

Clark Hartwell was one of the three initial investors in Velcro and
opened American Velcro Inc. in New Hampshire in 1957 distributing
VELCRO® Brand products worldwide. He remained the Chairman and President
through 1973 and licensed the technology to 3M Corporation in 1970.

In the early Apollo Mission years, NASA Engineers learned that the
VELCRO® Brand fasteners were an important solution in a weightless
environment. Astronauts were able to hold down dishes and tools with
strips of the fastening technology. Through their NASA connection, Clark
and Nina were invited to view the Apollo 11 Landing at Mission Control
in Houston, Texas in 1969. (“One
giant leap for mankind”)

Coronado is also the home of the US
Navy SEALs
. VELCRO® Brand products are an important component to
every SEAL operator’s kit due to their low weight and versatility.

The Hartwell Estate trustees have recently selected waterfront property
specialist Carrie OBrien with Coronado’s Flagship
Inc. and Jordan Cohen with RE/MAX to market this iconic
estate. Construction partner Flagg
Coastal Homes
was the builder of Coastal Living magazine’s Home
of the Year in 2014
. That home and The Hotel del Coronado are just
down the beach from SEASHORE. Stop by 519 Ocean Boulevard and pick up a
brochure which is naturally attached to the realtor’s sign with two
strips of VELCRO® Brand product.


Flagship Properties
John OBrien, 619-227-1499