Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Hosts Exhibition of Spectacular Ikebana Flower Arrangement by Artist Hiroki Maeno

Decorating Lobby with Beautiful “Sakura” Cherry Blossoms

Plaza Hotel Tokyo
, one of Japan’s most prestigious international
hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, will host a special exhibition of “Ikebana”
flower arrangement
created by the renowned artist Hiroki
from April 1 to 16, 2017. A large 2.7 by 5 meter flower
arrangement lavishly adorned with some 200 beautiful “sakura” cherry
blossom branches, which are one of the most symbolically important
representatives of the Japanese aesthetic beauty during the spring, will
be displayed in the third floor main lobby area for hotel guests to
enjoy free of charge.

The artist Hiroki Maeno will also provide two Ikebana flower arrangement
workshops held on April 6 from 4:00p.m. and 6:30p.m. in front of his
beautiful arrangement. Guests will be able to view these workshops as
they will be held in the lobby area.

About 75% of the guests staying at the Keio Plaza Hotel are overseas
visitors from over 100 different countries. Therefore, our hotel has
hosted exhibitions of Maeno’s Ikebana flower arrangements four times a
year to show our guests the Japanese traditional sense of Japanese
aesthetic beauty during each of the four seasons. These arrangements
also demonstrate the artist Maeno’s abilities as a space producer.
Furthermore, the upcoming exhibition will provide guests with a rare
opportunity to enjoy the “sakura” cherry blossoms, which only remain in
bloom for one to two weeks and are expected to have already fallen off
the trees in the Tokyo region by the time that this exhibition is held.

[Ikebana Flower Arrangement Artist Hiroki Maeno]
produces many different styles which pleasantly surprise all
those who view them. He has been given a guild name “Flower Artisan
Maeno” in recognition of his extreme talents and abilities, as well as
“Flower Arrangement Architect” because of the beauty and grand scale of
his flower arrangements. He has been asked to create flower arrangements
for the APEC Energy Meeting held in Kyoto, the 1300 Year Anniversary of
the Jinguji Temple, and numerous other events including television
programs and plays.

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