Clutterbuck Capital Management LLC and KPT Capital LLC Opt Out of GetSwift Ltd Class Action & Reiterate Support for Management

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clutterbuck Capital Management LLC, along with KPT Capital LLC, released
the following letter announcing their decisions to opt out of the
current GetSwift (ASX: GSW) class action and to acknowledge their
supportive position of the Company and senior management.

The text of the letter follows:

Dear Fellow GetSwift Shareholders,

We write to you as two of GetSwift’s larger shareholders – Clutterbuck
Capital Management LLC (CCM) and the founder of KPT Capital LLC (KPT),
respectively. While both parties act independently in relation to the
GetSwift shares which they respectively hold or otherwise control and
also in relation to GetSwift generally, we both think it is timely to
draw the following important points to your attention.

Although the Company has recently endured a very tumultuous and public
existence, we believe general commentary fails to address the highly
supportive position of long-term shareholders. Instead, we believe it
portrays the position of those parties driving the well-publicized class
action proceedings and of particular media outlets, who both may stand
to benefit by negatively distorting facts and/or sentiment in relation
to the Company.

We have already notified the Court of our decision to opt-out of the
current class action proceedings. We thought it pertinent to also voice
our full and strong support of the entire senior management team of
GetSwift, in particular, Bane Hunter and Joel Macdonald. We believe it
is essential for the future success of the Company that Messrs. Hunter
and Macdonald remain at the helm for many reasons, including their
strong customer relationships, deep industry expertise, and the ability
to attract and retain key talent. The Company has already started to
demonstrate a concrete path to growth, as exemplified by the Company
reporting consistent ongoing quarter-over-quarter growth in 2018 and the
Company’s announcement of two strategic North American acquisitions in
February this year.

It is important to note the Company has, in recent times, taken
definitive action to remedy potential points of concern. These steps
have included the appointment of an independent Chairman, Michael
Fricklas. Mr. Fricklas has an exceptional reputation and was formerly
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Viacom Inc
from 1993 to 2017. The Company also added former deputy chair of the
Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Belinda Gibson, as a
Non-Executive Director. In addition, GetSwift enlisted the services of
PricewaterhouseCoopers to review GetSwift’s continuous disclosure
compliance and corporate governance framework, and also brought on board
tier-1 legal litigation representation through Quinn Emanuel Urquhart &
Sullivan, LLP. We consider that these positive actions should go a long
way towards addressing concerns surrounding the Company’s corporate
governance practices, and provide additional structural support for the
Company moving forward.

Externally, we believe that inappropriate and questionable actions by
certain proponents behind the various class action proceedings filed
against the Company have, to date, resulted in an unsatisfactory
treatment to shareholders. These actions include seemingly unreasonable
claims as to the total monetary claim size of certain of the announced
representative class actions.

We believe it is in the best interests of the Company to move forward
with a fair process where the legal obstacles are put behind us. This
will allow Messrs. Hunter and Macdonald to solely focus on delivering –
to the benefit of all shareholders – the Company’s value proposition
that we believe to be very real. Thus, in light of the decisive action
which the Company and its management have recently taken, and the
Company’s positive business outlook, CCM and KPT’s founder have both
decided that it is unlikely to be in their best interests as
shareholders to participate in the class action, and accordingly have
opted out. Instead, we are intent on putting our support behind Messrs.
Hunter and Macdonald and their fellow management team, and their plans
to drive the Company forward, with the collective aim of generating
enhanced value for all shareholders.

Robert T. Clutterbuck
Managing Partner
Clutterbuck Capital
Management LLC

Richard Leahy
Managing Partner
KPT Capital LLC


Robert T. Clutterbuck

Richard Leahy