Earth Networks and RIMES Announce Technical Collaboration to Benefit Member Government Weather Services

Regional multi-hazard early warning systems to be enhanced with
real-time lightning detection and severe storm nowcasting

GERMANTOWN, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#InterMetAsialt;/agt;–Earth Networks, a global provider of weather intelligence, announced
today it has partnered with the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early
Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES). The partnership will enable
a multi-year collaboration program to enhance RIMES’ member state
National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NMHS) capacity for early warning
of severe weather. The announcement was made at the 6th
annual InterMET Asia conference in Singapore.

Together, the two organizations are working to improve access to
reliable weather information and early warning capabilities in Africa
and Asia. By contributing on-the-ground insights from its weather and
lightning networks, Earth Networks is providing critical hyperlocal data
to RIMES to help regional NMHS close weather observation gaps in
real-time and support more accurate forecasting. These technology
enhancements will result in quicker warnings to the public before and
during severe weather events.

Earth Networks has years of experience operating a severe weather early
warning network throughout RIMES regions that powers a complete suite of
visualization, forecasting, storm identification, alerting and tracking
services relied upon by government agencies and private enterprises
alike. This new agreement with RIMES supports Earth Networks’ commitment
to build sustainable public-private weather information services
partnerships with NMHS around the globe.

Under the agreement, Earth Networks will collaborate with RIMES and its
member states on technical options for commercial solutions to improve
forecasting and alerting capabilities for severe weather events. In
addition to providing training and development for RIMES staff, Earth
Networks will offer comprehensive weather data, including real-time and
historical lightning data, weather observations, forecasting, as well as
live storm-tracking and alerting through Sferic Maps and Sferic Mobile.
RIMES will work to integrate Earth Networks lightning data and alerting
capabilities into its multi-hazard early warning platform.

“Having access to Earth Networks unique lightning detection data and
technology brings a higher level of situational awareness for incoming
severe weather that we are eager to promote within our member states,”
said A.R. Subbiah, Director of RIMES. “Our first endeavor using this
valuable data is the deployment of a new decision support tool and
real-time alerting mobile application in Odisha, the state with India’s
highest number of lightning deaths and an area known for frequent and
dangerous thunderstorms, cyclones and heavy rain, which causes flooding.”

“We are thrilled to partner with RIMES to assist in building scalable
weather monitoring and alerting technologies for NMHS that yield
accurate and timely warnings for severe weather conditions,” said Jim
Anderson, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at Earth Networks. “Our
goal is to further aid RIMES in providing its member governments
actionable risk information to reduce the loss of life and destruction
of property due to weather.”

With this collaboration, RIMES and its member states have access to an
advanced suite of weather alerting and tracking tools from Earth
Networks, including:

Total Lightning Detection Network

Operating over 1,700 sensors across 100 countries, Earth
Networks Total Lightning Network
 is the most advanced lightning
network in the world. Its ability to comprehensively monitor both
in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning enables the creation of faster
severe weather alerts, lightning-derived radar alternatives and
real-time storm visualization.

Real-time Weather Visualization and Alerting with Sferic Maps and
Sferic Mobile

and its companion app Sferic
provide forecasters, disaster management and emergency
managers with web-based access to the industry’s best weather detection
technologies. Only Sferic Maps shows live radar together with lightning
flashes detected by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network.

Faster Severe Weather Notifications with Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts

Exclusive to Earth Networks, Dangerous
Thunderstorm Alerts (DTA)
provide advanced notification of the
potential for severe weather, including lightning strikes, heavy rain,
hail, strong winds and increased threat of tornadic activity.

High rates of in-cloud lightning serve as precursory indicators of the
potential for severe weather activity. By tracking increased in-cloud
lightning rates and issuing these alerts, Earth Networks can give
advanced notice of severe weather potential by up to 45 minutes.

A Unique Alternative to Radar: PulseRad

While radar has proven an invaluable tool in weather forecasting,
alerting and research, many areas of the world lack the financial
resources and technical expertise to deploy, operate and maintain a
radar solution.

first practical radar alternative capable of coverage on a national and
continental scale—visually resembles radar, is designed to provide
similar benefits as radar at a lower cost, updates faster than radar,
and can be accessed directly in Earth Networks’ Sferic Maps weather
visualization dashboard.

While traditional radar is limited in coverage to less than 300 miles
from land-based radar sites, PulseRad is also able to detect storms over
oceans, near islands and within mountainous regions, providing crucial
information not captured by traditional radar.

About Earth Networks

has developed partnerships in many countries over the past
several years to bring weather observation, forecasting and alerting
technologies that are both low-cost and easy to deploy and maintain. The
company is committed to enabling the best weather and lightning
observation networks, visualization tools and early warning alerting
technologies to the world. Schools, airports, sports teams, utilities
and government agencies rely on our early warning solutions to safeguard
lives, prepare for weather events and optimize operations. Companies
across all industries use our weather data to automate decisions
regarding risk management, business continuity, and asset protection.


Based in Thailand, The
Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and
Asia (RIMES)
is an international and intergovernmental institution,
owned and managed by its 48 member countries for the generation and
application of early warning information. RIMES was formed in 2009 from
the efforts of countries in Africa and Asia, in the aftermath of the
2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, to establish a regional early warning system
within a multi-hazard framework for the generation and communication of
early warning information, and capacity building for preparedness and
response to trans-boundary hazards.


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