Continuing Its Collaboration with ITER Organization, CNIM is Designing and Manufacturing High-Precision Handling Equipment to Assemble Components of the Future Fusion Reactor

With its expertise in designing and manufacturing extremely large
equipment of the greatest technical complexity, CNIM is proving to be an
indispensable partner

has announced the launch of the third phase of the Purpose
Built Tools
(PBT) framework agreement signed with ITER
Organization in December 2016. This agreement covers the engineering,
manufacturing and installation of special tools for the installation of
ITER Tokamak. It entails the design and manufacture of extremely
large lifting systems to handle parts weighing up to 4 metric tons.

These structures, comprising two 8-level towers (18 meters tall)
weighing some 40 metric tons, will equip the Sector
Sub-Assembly Tools
(SSAT). The SSATs will be used to
assemble each sector of the vacuum chamber of the fusion reactor before
its transfer to the reactor building where they will all be assembled.

Under the same contract, CNIM has also been entrusted with defining nine
types of special, strategic tools for ITER.
These include the handling
to be used to position the cryostat base (the
heaviest ITER component weighing 1,250 metric tons) and the Toroidal
Field Coils Pairs in-pit Installation Tool
(positioning to within a
millimeter 700 metric tons and 17 m tall superconductor magnets).

CNIM has also been entrusted with installing the two SSAT tools
on site. This project is now well under way, with the first SSAT already
at the functional test phase. Mechanical and electrical assembly of the
second SSAT are being finalized prior to operating tests under load.
CNIM teams will conduct these tests using two mockups, 14 meters tall
and 8 meters wide with a weight of 390 metric tons, positioned on the
SSATs to simulate the toroidal field coils. The SSAT tool must ensure
high precision in moving, to within one millimeter. Delivery of this
assembly is scheduled for the first half of 2019. CNIM has dispatched
some 20 staff to work on site for this purpose.

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