Hart InterCivic’s Verity Voting is Top Pick for Garfield County, Washington

Momentum Growing for New, Secure Election System

POMEROY, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Garfield County is moving forward with the most modern, secure voting
technology available, the new Verity®
system from long-time election partner Hart
. Taking delivery in mid-March, Garfield County officials
made their choice based on a history of outstanding support and
trustworthy equipment from Hart.

Request a Verity Demo: 866-216-4278

“Hart makes good products, and we’ve been happy working with them. The
equipment is so reliable that I may go a whole year without needing to
call with an issue,” said County Auditor Donna Deal, who has more than
30 years’ experience working with elections.

“When we decided it was time to replace our equipment from 2006, we
asked around at last year’s election conference. It was a good way to
hear what everyone was saying about the different vendors,” she said.
“Hart gets good marks, plus they came through with pricing that meets
the needs of a county our size.”

“We appreciate Garfield County’s confidence in Hart. They join a growing
number of Verity partners in Washington and the Northwest,” said Phillip
Braithwaite, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, a U.S. company with
more than 100 years of experience providing election solutions. “Hart
pioneered digital ballot scanning, and Verity incorporates the most
flexible, efficient high-speed scanning solution on the market.”

As Garfield County officials weighed options for new voting technology,
they worked with neighboring counties Asotin
and Columbia.
Ultimately, all three chose Verity to support their joint continuity of
operations planning (COOP).

“We share resources when we can. Since Verity is designed so that no
specific information lives on the computer, if something goes wrong, we
can borrow a scanner from a neighbor to get our votes counted,” Deal
said. “Having a backup makes good sense for all of us.”

Deal is taking delivery of the new Verity system this week and expects
training to be scheduled soon. “We’ll likely train alongside Columbia
and Asotin and then get individual help as needed. It’s another
advantage of having neighboring counties adopt Verity at the same time.”

With their first election scheduled for August, Deal is looking forward
to Verity’s efficient ballot design process using Verity
. “It’s a very simple ballot, but I’m expecting that what used
to take me two days will take only a few hours now,” she said.

The County will also debut the Verity Touch
unit for ADA compliant accessible voting. The unit is a
standalone ballot marking device with an audio tactile interface (ATI)
that allows voters to generate a paper ballot marked with their
selections. The ballot is counted following regular processing
procedures for by-mail ballots.

Federally and state certified since 2015, Verity is in use in numerous
jurisdictions throughout the U.S., and recently adopted by Washington’s Clark
, which processes more than 200,000 mail-in ballots over a
typical election cycle.

Braithwaite expects more announcements throughout the year as additional
jurisdictions adopt Verity to replace aging election technology.

Hart InterCivic, Inc.

Austin-based Hart InterCivic is a full-service election solutions
innovator, partnering with state and local governments to deliver
secure, accurate and reliable elections. Working side-by-side with
election professionals for more than 100 years, Hart is committed to
helping advance democracy one election at a time. Hart’s mission fuels
its passionate customer focus and a continuous drive for technological
innovation. The company’s new Verity
Voting system
 makes voting more straightforward, equitable and
accessible—and makes managing elections more transparent, more efficient
and easier.


Steven Sockwell