Unique LED Driver IC by Kinetic Technologies Offers RGB Plus Selfie Flash Driver in Tiny Package

KTZ8807: 24mA RGB LED Driver with AutoBlinQ™ Plus 600mA
White/Infrared LED Driver Provides Unique Color Lighting Patterns

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RGB–Power management leader Kinetic Technologies is announcing the
industry’s first front-side solution LED driver for smartphones, the

This innovative constant-current LED driver combines a programmable RGB
indicator LED driver with a high current white LED front-side (selfie)
flash driver. Using I2C compatible LED control and
programmability, the KTZ8807 features superior user-control through its
adjustable on-chip timing control unit: LED blink rate and fade-in and
fade-out, are user adjustable, resulting in a range of unique color
lighting patterns when driving RGB LEDs. An external strobe pin
facilitates simple control of the selfie flash output, also compatible
with infrared LEDs, and includes a safety timer to terminate the flash
event under fault conditions.

“Newer generations of mobile phones with front-facing cameras require
adjustable current regulators to drive white LEDs for camera flash,”
says Kinetic Technologies Vice President David Nam. “The KTZ8807 does
just that. Our fully programmable, constant current RGB LED driver,
paired with a high current white LED driver provides four independent
programmable low dropout, constant current sinks without requiring any
external components, simplifying design and reducing component count.”

Additional control is offered via ten programmable internal registers,
which, through the I2C control interface and built-in
decoder, allow adjustability of the LED channels’ ON/OFF states and 193
current levels – ranging from 0.125mA to 24mA for channels D1-D3 and 39
current levels – up to 600mA for channel D4.

The device also features AutoBlinQ technology, which automatically turns
LED1 on and off, at a pre-programmed blink rate, when no I2C
command is received within 1s after power-up. In a Smartphone with a
deeply discharged battery, this can advise users that the phone is

The KTZ8807 is available in a PB-Free, UTDFN 2.0mm x 2.0mm package.

Key applications for the Kinetic Technologies KTZ8807 include mobile
phones, handheld devices, RGB indicator LEDs, front side (selfie) flash
and infrared iris detection and communication.

The KTZ8807 is available and shipping now. Visit Kinetic
for more information.

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