Si2 Releases New Version of OpenAccess Design Database

Data Model 6 Enhances IC Design Interoperability

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Silicon Integration Initiative, an electronic design automation software
research and development joint venture, has released Data Model 6, the
newest version of OpenAccess, the world’s most widely used standard API
and reference database for integrated circuit design.

DM6 is the first major OpenAccess revision since 2014. The OpenAccess
database provides EDA software tools with immediate design flow
interoperability, saving time and money for semiconductor designers and
manufacturers. Innovative DM6 features will improve performance in both
new and legacy applications.

Marshall Tiner, Si2 director of Production Standards, said DM6 can help
the industry keep pace with design requirements for emerging artificial
intelligence and machine learning applications. “As with all OpenAccess
releases, DM6 is a production-quality, proven, stable design platform.
It’s uniquely positioned to meet the new complexity and performance
challenges facing IC designers.”

A key feature of DM6 is oaPartitions, which enables OpenAccess
applications to access critical components of enormous designs as easily
as opening much smaller designs, saving compute resources and allowing
developers to start doing meaningful work faster. “The real power of DM6
comes from the new partitioning capability. By subdividing a complex
design, OpenAccess provides simultaneous access to multiple partitions
from separate processes. Applications can use oaPartitions to exploit
the full compute power available on the user’s platform,” Tiner said.

With properly written applications taking advantage of the new data
model, oaPartitions can customize how and what data will be loaded into
memory from the database. Multiple simultaneous, unique applications can
each be assigned their own partition, opening up a wide range of
opportunities to accelerate the design flow on ever-growing, complex

“The industry is looking for enablers for utilizing vast cloud-based
hardware with multiple processors. oaPartitions provides just that,”
Tiner said.

John Ellis, Si2 president and CEO, underscored the benefits of
OpenAccess. “Use of OpenAccess API, source code, and scripting
capability accelerates EDA vendor’s time to market, and provides users
with tool-to-tool interoperability for optimal design flows. Without OA
compatibility, time-consuming translations in and out of a vendor or
user internally developed software tools are usually required, wasting
some of the productivity gains a tool provides. Any software tool used
for real-world, physical design that is not utilizing OA is at a serious
disadvantage. The high-performance, partitioning capability of OA DM6
underscores the competitive advantage and power of OpenAccess.”

The OpenAccess Coalition is the governing body that manages the
OpenAccess infrastructure. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. contributed the
OpenAccess API to Si2 in 2002 and serves as the co-architect of the Si2
Change Team that manages modifications to the API and data model.
Cadence also provides Si2 and its OpenAccess Coalition members with
rights to use their production-quality, reference implementation of the
latest API and data model. DM6 is now available to all coalition members.

For more information about OpenAccess and Data Model 6, contact Marshall
Tiner at

About Si2

Founded in 1988, Si2 is a leading research and development joint venture
that provides standard interoperability solutions for integrated circuit
design tools. All Si2 activities are carried out under the auspices of
the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993, the
fundamental law that defines R&D joint ventures and offers them a large
measure of protection against federal antitrust laws. Si2’s
international membership includes semiconductor foundries, fabless
manufacturers and EDA companies.


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