MaxLinear’s MxL3710 Enables InCoax’ World’s First MoCA Access™ 2.5 Solution

  • InCoax’ In:xtnd™ solution is world first based on MoCA
    Access™ 2.5 and uses MxL3710 coaxial networking SoC
  • Technology demo at IBC showcased 2.5Gbps point-to-multipoint
    network speed and other key features

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IBC–MaxLinear Inc. (NYSE: MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency
(RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected
home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket
applications, today announced InCoax Networks AB, Sweden, has developed
the world’s first multi-gigabit coaxial-based access solution using its
MxL3710 MoCA Access™ 2.5 networking IC.

InCoax is a worldwide provider of premium access solutions to broadband
operators, hospitality and healthcare providers.

MaxLinear’s latest generation MxL3710 MoCA 2.5 networking ICs are used
by InCoax to build a multi-gigabit MDU access solution that offers
network throughput equal to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) utilizing existing
coaxial in-building cabling infrastructure. The ability to utilize coax
networks delivers a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The InCoax In:xtnd™ access solution offers 2.5Gbps speed over coaxial
cable and powerful multipoint networking capability to manage up to 124
customer premise equipment (CPE) modems with one head-end unit. This
combination makes the solution appealing to both telecom and cable
service providers. Service provider network management features
including DBA, VLAN, QoS, TR-069, and layer-2 security are fully
supported by the management software.

“We are very excited to partner with MaxLinear on the industry’s first
MoCA Access 2.5 solution. The highly integrated MxL3710 chipset and
software suite enables us to deliver the most advanced coaxial gigabit
access products to the market,” said Peter Carlsson, CEO of InCoax

“MoCA Access 2.5 is picking up significant market momentum as consumers
demand faster access speeds and carriers see the extreme value provided
by the ability to use coax cable for these connections,” said Will
Torgerson, Vice President & General Manager of MaxLinear’s Broadband
Group. “InCoax has engineered an impressive MoCA Access™ 2.5 solution
including a full suite of differentiated management and diagnostic
features that will address a real need for faster access speeds and
simplified deployment and management tools.”

Technical Features

Both the parts in the MxL371x family utilize MaxLinear’s patented
Full-Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) technology that can simultaneously
digitize up to 1.4GHz of spectrum, eliminating all the discrete
components usually required for frequency conversion.

Each IC instantaneously captures the entire frequency range between 400
MHz to 1700 MHz and features a fully digital channel selection and
signal processing chain as well as MoCA network processor and
three-port, layer-2 switch between its interfaces. The MxL371x family of
products also supports a MaxLinear proprietary channel aggregation mode,
allowing for the capture and processing of several non-contiguous 100MHz
blocks within the entire operating frequency range for a total of a
combined 500MHz.

Parts in the MxL371x product family exceed strict performance
requirements defined by the MoCA 2.5 standard. Having this additional
performance margin enables customers to significantly reduce the overall
implementation cost and provide more reliable service over a larger area
of installations.

In addition to market leading hardware performance, MaxLinear also
provides a suite of diagnostic software functions that provide detailed
visibility into radio frequency (RF) and networking specific parameters.
Most notable is the spectrum analyzer feature that enables unique
installation and remote diagnostic tools, reducing truck rolls,
improving installation quality and improving overall network performance
with proactive network management tools.

About MaxLinear, Inc.

MaxLinear, Inc. (NYSE:MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF),
analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home,
wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket
applications. MaxLinear is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For
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