Panasonic Introduces the Shoe Deodorizer: Deodorizes Your Shoes While You Sleep

Uses “nanoe X” to dissolve and eliminate odors(*1)

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ShoeOdor–Panasonic Corporation will begin selling a shoe deodorizer, the
MS-DS100, equipped with “nanoe X” that generates 10 times(*2) more
hydroxyl (OH) radicals than “nanoe” to remove unpleasant shoe odors in a
simple way, on September 20, 2018 (in Japan only).

One of the common causes of unpleasant shoe odors is isovaleric acid, an
odorous substance produced by foot sweat and bacteria. According to a
survey(*3) Panasonic conducted with sneaker wearers, about 62% of those
surveyed take some measures to remove shoe odors, but about half of them
are not satisfied with the deodorizing methods they use.

The MS-DS100 utilizes Panasonic’s original ion particles, “nanoe
,” to dissolve and eliminate unpleasant shoe odors(*1). When the
product is set in shoes and the switch turned on, “nanoe X” is generated
and spreads from six outlets to every corner of the shoes to remove
odors(*1) in the entire interior of the shoes from the heel to the toe.
are two operation modes to choose from. The normal mode provides
approximately five hours of operation, while the long mode runs for
about seven hours to remove stubborn odors. Both modes cost less than 1
yen(*4) per use, so it is very economical. The MS-DS100 also operates on
a mobile battery(*5) so it can be used at a place where there is no AC
power outlet. The product comes with a stylish storage case. The case
accommodates the cap sections that are inserted into shoes for use, so
the product can be stored neatly in the entrance area or shoe cupboard.

With the MS-DS100 shoe deodorizer, Panasonic proposes an easy way to
remove shoe odors and expects to create new market demand.


About product

Product name: Shoe Deodorizer
Product No.: MS-DS100
Suggested retail price: Open price
Launch date: September 20, 2018
Monthly production volume: 1,000 units

Product features

1.   Uses “nanoe X” to dissolve and eliminate shoe odors(*1)
2. Economical operation with electricity cost of less than 1 yen(*4)
per use. Also operates on a mobile battery(*5).
3. Storage case provided with the product features a stylish design to
look attractive when placed in an entrance area.

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*1: Effect of deodorizing foot odors (isovaleric acid)
adhered to shoes. Testing laboratory: Panasonic Corporation, Product
Analysis Center. Testing method: 6-stage odor intensity measurement
method in an about 10-m2 test room. Deodorizing method:
Generation of “nanoe.” Test result: Odor intensity decreased by 1.5 in 5
hours. Test result certificate issuing date: June 4, 2018. Test result
certificate number: 1V332-180604-K01.
– Test results were not
obtained under actual use conditions.
– Deodorizing effect varies
depending on the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity), operating
time, type of odor, and type of textile.
– Sensitivity to the
deodorizing effect may vary from individual to individual.

*2: According to the results of Panasonic’s measurement conducted based
on the ESR method. Comparison between 480 billion “nanoe”
particles/second and 4,800 billion “nanoe X” particles/second.

*3: According to the results of Panasonic’s Internet survey conducted in
June 2018 with males and females (N = 2,000) in their 10s to 60s

*4: Calculated based on the new electricity rate of 1 kWh = 27 yen
(including tax)

*5: For normal mode, use a mobile battery with a capacity of 3,760 mAh
or more (rated output: 5.0 VDC, 1.8 A). For long mode, use a mobile
battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh or more (rated output: 5.0 VDC, 1.8
A). Operation on a mobile battery cannot be guaranteed since the
operating time may differ depending on the usage conditions, environment
and other factors.
– Mobile battery is not supplied with the


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