A Move from the Cloud to Colocation with Carrier-1 Saved Millions

Security, Control and Reduced Costs Dictate Migration to
Colocation Solution

announces that new client, YellowFolder, moved from a virtual
cloud-based storage solution to their colocation facility, saving nearly
a million dollars in service costs per year. In addition to the cost
savings, a colocation solution provides additional control on a private
server architecture, adherence to compliance standards and hands-on
access if needed. YellowFolder, a SaaS-based digital records storage
provider for K-12 school districts, invested in hardware and software to
deploy in the colocation facility. Carrier-1 owns and operates a
106,866-square-foot, fault-tolerant, wholesale
building in Dallas, Texas.

Ryan Bell, YellowFolder CTO explained, “We outgrew the cloud. In the
beginning, it was a fast and cost-efficient way to get started. However,
we grew quickly and with all of our data storage requirements, the cost
became a burden. Our colocation solution with Carrier-1 saves us more
than $80,000 per month. The colocation solution did require us to
purchase our own hardware. We will quickly recoup this capital expense
within the first year of our long-term colocation solution.”

Mr. Bell continued, “We knew we needed to invest in a storage
solution in a secure colocation facility to provide the controls we
wanted for proprietary student, employee and administration records. The
ultimate costs matter, but more importantly, our clients trust us to
make the best decisions for storing priceless data.”

YellowFolder is a software-as-a-service provider of digital file
cabinets for school systems to safely store, retrieve and manage all
student records. With online access to the YellowFolder digital file
cabinet, schools maintain a cumulative folder for every student (active
and archived) and store, retrieve and manage all of the documents in one
place. YellowFolder automatically manages the student record from the
day it is created until the day it is destroyed pursuant to state
retention regulations. YellowFolder works with K-12 school districts who
are online, using their services, even in the summer. They arranged with
Carrier-1 for the space, power and network to be provisioned ahead of
schedule. Carrier-1 prepped the racks before the scheduled migration and
YellowFolder ordered all of their Dell and Cisco hardware to be shipped
directly to Carrier-1 which was stored in a locked, secure location
until they arrived to configure their systems.

“We help our clients achieve their goals, whether it is cost savings
or a higher-level of control and security,”
said Carrier-1’s CEO,
Peter Pathos. “For YellowFolder, we know that our core environmental
systems, network redundancies, operational efficiencies, local support
and security protocols were important features to help them meet their
goals—a more secure and reliable document storage solution for school

About YellowFolder

YellowFolder is the largest supplier of digital file cabinet services to
K-12 schools in the nation. Their full-service online document storage
and records management system is developed on a SaaS model; allowing
schools to pay one price for unlimited access. YellowFolder’s
all-encompassing service includes hardware, software, licensing, data
storage and customer support. School districts say that YellowFolder is
easy to use, fast and convenient. The privately-held company is based in
Carrollton, Texas, and serves hundreds of school districts across the
U.S. For more information, visit www.yellowfolder.com.

About Carrier-1
Data Centers

Carrier-1 owns and operates a 106,866 square foot data
center building
in Dallas, Texas. Customers may lease colocation
space within the building to utilize the redundant infrastructure and
environment controls to maintain 100% uptime while receiving access to
over 95 network carriers. Multiple racks, Virtual-PODs, cages, private
suites and powered shell space is available now with plenty of space for
expansion. Carrier-1 is Colocation and Cloud Ready. Clients may also
leverage Carrier-1’s office space, business continuity center for
personnel and private data center suites within their colocation
building. For more information, visit www.carrier-1.com.


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