H2020, GDPR, MDR and International Clinical Trial Regulation Blockchain Integrates CRO Solution from ClinicalStudio.EU to Manage Compliance with Smartillions Smart Contracts

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blockchain–Clinical research organisations (CRO) and sponsors who sign up for ClinicalStudio.EU
will be able to use a blockchain to launch Smartillions smart contracts
to manage their Horizon 2020 R&D grant applications and compliance with
GDPR, MDR and international clinical trial regulations.

ClinicalStudio.EU will allow clients to outsource their regulatory and
data protection compliance to a blockchain that is governed by the
International Organisation for Medical Data Compliance (IOMDC), which
sets global security standards for the management of medical data on
IOMDC-certified blockchains.

“The integration of Smartillions smart contracts will enable our clients
to delegate GDPR and related regulatory compliance to IOMDC because they
will no longer hold any patient data on their servers,” says Paul Grady,
CEO of ClinicalStudio.EU. “Instead, consumers consent to have their data
managed by an IOMDC blockchain that gives them complete control over how
their data is used.”

ClinicalStudio.EU will also allow clients to use compliance smart
contracts that standardise regulatory processes in order to
significantly reduce their compliance cost. For this purpose,
ClinicalStudio.EU will integrate country-specific regulations as well so
clients can ultimately use one solution worldwide.

About ClinicalStudio.EU

The team behind ClinicalStudio.EU dedicated more than four years to
develop a suite of technology tools that radically cut the cost of
research. By lowering the cost of research for scientific, medical, and
academic communities, the high prices associated with healthcare can be
reduced, ensuring more people benefit from new and improved medical

For more information, visit www.clinicalstudio.eu.

About Smartillions and the International Organisation for Medical
Data Compliance (IOMDC)

Smartillions creates industry standards for Clinical Smart Contracts. It
also strives to create new career opportunities through education and
initiatives that ultimately benefit society and lead to improved health
and more effective treatments for every patient.

The International Organisation for Medical Data Compliance (IOMDC)
connects physicians and patients with clinical research organisations to
achieve one goal: assuring the highest quality clinical research
worldwide. IOMDC initiated an immutable blockchain to manage medical
data in an effort to securely share select information.

For more information, visit www.smartillions.ch.


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