STEER Powers the New Merriweather District in Downtown Columbia; the First Mixed-Use Planned Community Partner

The Collaboration Will Bring Level 4, Driverless Parking
Technology to Residents and Corporate Tenants

COLUMBIA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every day drivers are pressed for time. From the moment one steps in the
car, it seems they are fighting a continuous increase in everything from
rush hour traffic to congested parking lots. In fact, last year the
Washington area was named
the worst traffic “hot spot
” in the country with motorists losing an
average of 33 minutes daily on Route 95. STEER
set out to create a seamless end-to-end driver experience focusing on an
automated parking solution, which will first benefit Maryland
area-residents and businesses.

STEER built the first fully-autonomous parking technology to transform
everyday cars into driverless vehicles. The first application of STEER’s
technology is a Level 4, highly autonomous and cybersecure parking
solution – drivers simply exit the car at a destination, and the car
parks itself in a designated parking lot. When consumers are ready to
go, just summon the car via a mobile app.

The Merriweather District, a Howard Hughes Corporation project, will be
the first high-density, mixed-use neighborhood to adopt STEER and power
a truly tech-forward experience for residents, businesses and consumers.

“Our partnership with Howard Hughes Corporation will transform
Merriweather District into the first city in the country to be built
for, and operate, fully-autonomous parking technology,” said Anuja
Sonalker, Founder and CEO of STEER. “The benefits are infinite;
Merriweather residents can save time and gas getting to and from their
cars; reduce stress and frustration hauling bags of groceries in
inclement weather; and corporate partners will benefit from increased
employee productivity by saving time and frustration looking for and
walking from the parking lot to work.”

The Merriweather District project will include 2,300 residences, a
250-room hotel, over 1.5 million square feet of office space, and
314,000 square feet of street retail with a central park. Occupancy is
scheduled for the second half of 2019.

“As a company, we are committed to developing cities and neighborhoods
to allow people to live better lives while simultaneously building for
the future,” said David R. Weinreb, CEO, The Howard Hughes Corporation.
“It is a testament to this commitment that Merriweather District already
attracted leading tech-innovators like STEER to bring this vision to
reality for our tenants.”

“Smart communities begin with smart growth, and smart growth begins with
high efficiency infrastructure and reduced waste. STEER’s automated
technology embedded in the community saves valuable time, creates
efficiency for consumers and businesses, and reduces fuel costs,” added


  • First and only Level-4, highly-autonomous parking solution
  • Transforms everyday cars into driverless vehicles that self-park in
    designated lots
  • First to market a full plug + play through native autonomous control
  • STEER uses existing technology in vehicle and will not override the
  • STEER is built-in with fail-safe technology
  • Compatible in models 2012 or newer


  • Connected Vehicles: $2.2 trillion market by 2020
  • 100% of that market will be semi-autonomous vehicles (Level 2+)
  • Avg. 20 minutes searching for parking.
  • Avg. $1.2 per day fuel savings
  • Autonomous parking allows for 20% more parking efficiency
  • By 2040 it is estimated that 95% of new vehicles sold, or 96.3
    million cars, will be fully autonomous

About The Howard Hughes Corporation®

The Howard Hughes Corporation owns, manages and develops commercial,
residential and mixed-use real estate throughout the U.S. Its
award-winning assets include the country’s preeminent portfolio of
master planned communities, as well as operating properties and
development opportunities including: The Seaport District in New York;
Columbia, Maryland; The Woodlands®, The Woodlands Hills, and Bridgeland®
in the Greater Houston, Texas area; Summerlin®, Las Vegas; and Ward
Village® in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Howard Hughes Corporation’s portfolio
is strategically positioned to meet and accelerate development based on
market demand, resulting in one of the strongest real estate platforms
in the country. Dedicated to innovative placemaking, the company is
recognized for its ongoing commitment to design excellence and to the
cultural life of its communities. The Howard Hughes Corporation is
traded on the New York Stock Exchange as HHC. For additional information

About Downtown Columbia

A development of The Howard Hughes Corporation®, Downtown Columbia is
located at the center of Columbia, MD, one of the first master planned
communities in the U.S. founded by legendary developer James W. Rouse in
1967. Conveniently located between Washington, DC and Baltimore,
Columbia is comprised of 14,000 acres including ten completed
residential villages and a deep pipeline of commercial development
opportunities within its Downtown. At full buildout, the redevelopment
of Downtown Columbia will include three new and reconfigured
neighborhoods – Merriweather District, Lakefront District and Central
District featuring more than 14 million square feet of residential,
office, hotel, retail, cultural, and public uses including public parks,
trails and more.

The underdeveloped core of Columbia became the subject of an extensive
five-year process that culminated with the passage by the Howard County
government of the Downtown Columbia Plan in 2010, a guide to creating a
vital area in which residents can live, shop, work, entertain, exercise,
and enjoy cultural opportunities in an enriched natural setting. More
information is available at


STEER builds products that will massively enable autonomous features in
mainstream vehicles, galvanize smart transportation and stop automotive
cyber threats now and in the future. The first application of STEER’s
technology is a Level 4, cyber-robust highly-autonomous parking
solution. STEER is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland.

Learn more and see the technology in action at


Partner and Media Contacts:
Tara Chiarell, 202-772-1450