Mitutoyo America Corporation Showcases High Performing Micrometer and Caliper Lines

AURORA, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#calipersMitutoyo
America Corporation
is showcasing its highest performing micrometer
and caliper lines, including High-Accuracy
Digimatic Micrometer
, QuantuMike
Series 293-Coolant Proof Micrometer
and its IP67
ABSOLUTE Digimatic Coolant-proof Calipers
. All three products are
best in class and feature unique capabilities.

High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer

  • The first micrometer to offer 0.1µm/5µinch resolution measurement.
  • The High-Accuracy Digimatic® Micrometer utilizes the Absolute® rotary
    sensor, which reduces instrument error to ±0.5µm to deliver
    high-accuracy with no trade-off in operability.
  • Features an extremely rigid frame for stable measurement and a
    constant-force barrel/spindle mechanism eliminates the possibility of
    over speed errors.
  • Transference of body heat reduced with use of a dual heat shield
    design, minimizing errors attributable to thermal expansion while
    handheld measurements are performed.
  • Available with SPC Output.

QuantuMike Series 293-Coolant Proof Micrometer

  • Up to 4X faster spindle feed over standard micrometers. 2mm per
    thimble-revolution as compared to the standard 0.5mm.
  • An additional comparison to conventional micrometers, QuantuMike’s
    spindle positioning time is reduced by about 60 percent, while overall
    measurement time is decreased by as much as 35 percent.
  • QuantuMike provides accuracy at an industry-leading ±1μm/.00005”
    throughout its measuring range.
  • Rated a high IP65, the QuantuMike Series is totally protected from
    dust and protected against low pressure liquid or coolant jets.
  • Available with SPC Output.

IP67 ABSOLUTE Digimatic Coolant-proof Calipers

  • Calipers rated a high IP67, total protecting the tool from dust and if
    immersed in liquid or coolant for a short period, will still work at
    100 percent measuring accuracy.
  • A Larger LCD of 9 mm, a 22 percent increase in height for improved
  • The automatic power on/off shuts down the LCD after 20 minutes of
    inactivity, but the ABS scale origin is unaffected. Power is restored
    to the display when the slider is moved.
  • Available with SPC Output.

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