Redwood Software Announces First Industry Robotic Licensing Model to Revolutionize Transparent Marketplace Pricing

For the first time customers only pay for the robotic services they
actually consume, saving time and effort as a result

, the pioneer behind ‘The Robotic Enterprise’, today
announced the launch of a revolutionary new robotic licensing model,
where customers only pay for the robotic services they consume within
their business.

Available now, this new licensing model allows customers to directly
compare the costs of manual work against processes that are robotized.
With the unique Robotic Service Charge, Redwood only charges for the
delivery of a robotic service, equivalent to a unit of work that can
done by a person (send an email, download a report, reconcile two
reports etc.). Redwood delivers a catalogue of 35,000 of these ready
built robotic services that can be linked together by business users in
a visual plug and play interface. End-to-end business processes can be
modelled, robotized, tested and deployed without cost and risk. Only
when the robotic service is consumed is a charge made, always replacing
work that would otherwise be done manually.

Within the Robotic Service Charge, Redwood provides the full lifecycle
support for all the robots in the catalogue, eliminating the issue that
other solutions find, where any savings are eroded or eliminated by the
on-going maintenance. With this approach, customers can focus on
achieving world class levels of automation and process improvement
rather than providing maintenance for bots they have to build themselves.

All desktop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) licensing models leave
customers with the responsibility of having to guess how many bots they
need at the beginning of a project and what that return can give them.
And while many providers promise bots will deliver savings – some
claiming the equivalent of two-three full-time employees – evidence of
this is unsubstantiated.

Dennis Walsh, President of Americas and APAC at Redwood, said, “There is
no exact formula to know how many bots an organization needs to service
a specific business process. Often, organizations are left with empty
promises of full automation, and even more manual work to simply
maintain and manage the influx of bots their vendor has deployed.”

“Redwood’s new licensing model is flipping this common problem on its
head by only charging customers when a robot completes a task that a
human employee previously performed. Not only is this new pricing model
transparent, but it enables organizations to fully achieve their return
on investment of RPA. This new approach is moving Redwood closer to our
ambition to completely eliminate unnecessary manual effort in the
workplace, so businesses can focus their resources on bigger and more
important strategic initiatives,” he added.

Recently, Redwood Software announced the release of its Redwood Robotics™
solution, allowing customers to perform the work of 1,650 humans
or more in a day. The upgraded technology enables the fastest time to
value, lowest cost of ownership and the greatest return of all Robotic
Process Automation (RPA) providers.

About Redwood Software

Redwood Software accelerates digital processes and eliminates the costs
of the remaining manual tasks anywhere in the organization. We robotize
up to 100% of manual tasks. Today more than 3,000 customers worldwide
use Redwood to automate their business processes.


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