RainmakerForce Pipeline DNA Report Shows Sales Teams Actually Working for CRM, the Most Expensive Non-Performer in Sales

a San Francisco-based sales technology company, features the “Pipeline
DNA Report
,” the ultimate report for the C-Suite that analyzes a
company’s sales pipeline and provides unfiltered information (without
sugar coating) of its “goodness”, rank against industry peers, capacity
and capability issues and whether it can deliver expected revenues. The
need and urgency for such a report has increased from companies nowadays
because their CRM software has become a trash-can of sales data instead
of being an organized database that produces results. Since CRM stores
anything and everything, whether right or wrong, and regardless of who
keys it in or what it is for, it does more damage than good to sales
teams. Instead of working on revenue generation, salespeople waste
selling time in cleaning, interpreting and presenting information from
this untrustworthy data source for progress reporting and forecasting.
In a world of increasing complexity, leaders are demanding better
visibility to sales truths beyond what their CRM shows and without
needing to question the veracity of its data.

The fact that CRM fails to increase sales is the worst-kept secret in
the industry. Everyone knows it, but very few find the time to do
anything about it. Those who make it work find themselves spending sales
time on a never-ending and tedious process of mundane cleaning and
updating. Adding pressure to this is the constant demand from management
for up-to-date deal information and accurate (no-surprise) forecasts.
All of this creates severe revenue bottlenecks and high opportunity
costs. So, companies either hire more people to manage CRM or spend more
on bolt-on applications to CRM that repackage the same untrustworthy
data with fancy graphics. Mack
, CEO of RainmakerForce summarizes, “It is eminently obvious
that sales teams work for CRM rather than have CRM work for them. This
is where the Pipeline
report shines and reflects the core value of RainmakerForce
– changing the world for the better by questioning conventions that
don’t make sense. Sales is our passion and we strive to show that value
by going beyond the obvious. This report will show the C-Suite not only
how to make CRM work for Sales and increase customer value but also
where it causes revenue leakages and forecasting blind spots.”

While Sales is a team effort, CRM has not lived up to be a trustworthy
team member. CRM forces sales teams to categorize deal progress
arbitrarily with vague definitions instead of showing the customer’s
buying journey. For example, the CRM stages such as ‘Qualification’ or
‘Proposal Evaluation’ literally show sales getting done based on the
tasks salespeople are doing. Ironically, it doesn’t show what customers
are thinking or how salespeople are helping them reach a buying vision.
It also fails to reveal true performance gaps or revenue pitfalls. When
quarter-end comes along with high revenue pressure, CRM problems get
exacerbated. Companies get into a mad rush to hit their numbers and ask
reps to push customers to timelines they expect (and not the
customers’). As Ken
Krogue’s noteworthy HBR article
demonstrates, companies find
themselves in revenue traps and end up making even more mistakes.

The RainmakerForce
Pipeline DNA Report
takes a pragmatic customer-oriented approach to
Sales by helping the C-Suite get an “outside-in” view (from the eyes of
the customer) as opposed to “inside-out” (from the eyes of CRM stages).
The report health-checks sales pipelines (sans the deadwood),
covers up revenue blind spots and also helps companies build revenue
assurance from forecasts. The power of this report is drawn from the
RainmakerForce technology that uses machine-learning, proven sales
techniques, and predictive algorithms derived from millions of customer
behavioral data points in real B2B sales. It rigorously assesses every
deal based on customers’ buying stages while also ensuring veracity and
robustness with direct customer inputs and the company’s historical
data. Sales leaders then get true customer-verifiable sales intelligence
built from the ground up as well as handy insights to liberate selling
time from unproductive tasks and prioritizing attention on winnable
deals, avoiding revenue traps and creating customer value. “The
outside-in methodology embodied in the Pipeline DNA report manifests our
core value to do Sales right without the need for additional
investments,” adds Sundaram.

It is imperative that Sales be done right from the customer’s viewpoint
and not CRM’s. Brian Burns, the renowned podcaster of The
Brutal Truth of Sales & Selling podcast
and author of The
Maverick Selling Method
, recently interviewed Mack Sundaram on How
to win in the Perfect Storm of B2B Sales
and highlighted the
magnifying problem of ignoring the customer buying journey and running
Sales “from the locker room instead of the field.” Reworking our
approach to Sales will not only limit selling costs and rep turnover but
also improve cash flow and value addition for customers. The answer is
not to buy more technology on CRM and manage the wrong metrics; nor is
it working to solve CRM problems. Let’s save ourselves the suspense and
embrace the fact that Sales teams need to stop working for CRM. It is
possible to smartly turn it into a performer and revenue producer.

About RainmakerForce

provides Smart Sales technology built on customer purchase intentions to
help sales teams get 100% revenue and forecast attainment with no blind
spots in pipeline management. It synthesizes ever-changing deal
information into meaningful actions with a systematic selling
discipline, reveals areas of revenue loss and removes the guesswork from
forecasting and bad data. Small, medium and large teams in hunting,
renewals and channel sales use RainmakerForce to generate consistent
sales performance, plug revenue holes and reliably predict sales numbers.


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