CPM Market Has Largest “Digital Divide” between Cloud and On-Premise, Nucleus Research Value Matrix Finds

While emerging leaders offer exciting new functionality, slow cloud
adoption matches pace of industry ‘dinosaurs’

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 2018 Nucleus Research Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Value
Matrix shows a divide in the market between CPM cloud innovators and
traditional leaders in the CPM space, with slow adoption of cloud CPM
offerings from established ‘dinosaur vendors’ and individual departments
deploying specialized software choices instead. This is one of several
obstacles causing CPM to lag behind other enterprise software in the

A new breed of younger challengers has focused on offering attractive
cloud-based solutions with advanced features, yet the more established,
older vendors continue to set the pace as CPM overall maintains one of
the longest ‘upgrade’ cycles compared to other enterprise software.

Leaders in this year’s CPM Technology Value Matrix include: Adaptive
Insights, Anaplan, BOARD, Host Analytics, OneStream Software and Vena

“While the rapid development and delivery of cloud CPM applications has
opened new opportunities for ROI in the market, resistance to moving
existing on-premise CPM deployments to cloud and a slow upgrade pace is
challenging traditional vendors to transform their business and customer
base,” said Barbara Peck, principal analyst at Nucleus Research.

Nucleus sees this breadth of diversity as a challenge that vendors are
tackling in more recent roadmaps and expects customer adoption to
increase once stronger business cases have been established. With
greater knowledge of how CPM and ERP products interact, customers will
be better able to evaluate vendor offerings based on their own needs.

“Many vendors have roots stemming from the finance department with
greater functionality built out from there. This does give customers a
range of planning and accounting processes spread throughout planning
systems that are on-premise, however single diverse cloud applications
are still rare. This trend shows a persistent lack of understanding of
the advantages of cloud-based solutions among many CPM customers,” said
Kelsey Anspach, analyst at Nucleus Research.

Within the Technology Value Matrix, vendors are evaluated on both
usability and functionality – key drivers of value – and placed into
four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers.
Customers can use the Matrices to evaluate vendor short lists as well as
to make the case for maintaining existing applications.

See the full report at: https://nucleusresearch.com/research/single/cpm-technology-value-matrix-2018/

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