Renesas Electronics and Cogent Embedded Collaborate to Make 3D Surround View Parking Assist System Standard in All New Cars

New Customizable 3D Surround View Software Optimized for Low Power
R-Car V3M Speeds Up ECU System Design

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of
advanced semiconductor solutions, and Cogent Embedded Inc., a leading
embedded software provider to the automotive industry, today announced
their joint development of a 3D surround view solution to assist drivers
during parking or low-speed maneuvers. Designed for parking assist
systems in entry- and mid-level cars, the new solution combines the Renesas
R-Car V3M system-on-chip (SoC),
an SoC optimized for smart camera
and surround view systems, with Cogent’s customizable 3D surround view
software on a reference board. By using this solution, OEMs and
Tier 1s can quickly customize and create their individual 3D surround
view parking assist systems. On-demand customization services can also
be provided by Cogent Embedded to enable system developers to
concentrate on developing application software to differentiate their

The new 3D surround view solution will be demonstrated at AutoSens 2017
(booth #9), which will be held from September 19 to 20, 2017 in
Brussels, Belgium.

“As in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS systems converge, automotive system
designers require technologies that deliver predictable performance for
safety while securing the flexibility to customize,” said Shinichi
Yoshioka, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Automotive
Solution Business Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Renesas is
expanding its relationship with software expert Cogent Embedded to
deliver new solutions that address both of these growing markets with
our R-Car V3M SoC that delivers 3D function and performance comparable
to other surround view SoCs, at lower power and cost levels.”

“We are excited about the opportunity our cooperation with Renesas
provides. The R-Car V3M SoC provides the right set of functions for
entry-to-mid-level surround view to run efficiently our state-of-the-art
3D surround view with pedestrian detection, cross-traffic-alert and lane
tracking algorithms, an ideal combination of surround view and computer
vision features,” said Artemi Ivanov, President of Cogent Embedded Inc.
“Combining the power and cost effectiveness of Renesas hardware with our
royalty-free software allows carmakers to offer surround view in lower
priced vehicles. We believe that with the new collaboration, Renesas and
Cogent can contribute to making surround view a standard on all new
vehicles, and we are proud to be part of that solution.”

It is necessary for next-generation 3D surround view systems to achieve
not only display functionality but also object recognition. Surround
view is a vehicle camera system that provides an all-round panorama view
and assists the driver when parking. A control display on the vehicle’s
interior control panels shows data from surround view cameras and offers
the driver a realistic 360-degree surround view to assist in maneuvering
the vehicle to park and to alert the driver to obstacles in its path
that may not be immediately visible.

The R-Car V3M is equipped with an integrated image signal processor
(ISP), the IMR for low-power image rendering and the IMP-X5 computer
vision engine. It delivers robust functional safety and high performance
at lowpower consumption required for use in smart camera applications,
surround view systems, and lidars, including NCAP (New Car Assessment
Program) features.

The R-Car V3M is part of the Renesas
autonomy™ Platform,
an open, innovative and trusted platform for
ADAS and automated driving. With this open platform, Renesas is the only
automotive semiconductor supplier in the industry to cover end-to-end
solutions from secure cloud connectivity and sensing to vehicle control.

Key features of the 3D surround view solution

  • Highly-customizable 3D surround view software
    new 3D surround view solution includes Cogent’s highly acclaimed 3D
    surround view software which is presently used by several industry
    players. The software is optimized for the R-Car V3M and enables a
    highly customizable and expandable white label solution for OEMs and
    Tier 1s.
  • The R-Car V3M enables full-HD 3D surround
    view system with high quality resolutions and lower power consumption

    R-Car V3M includes a dedicated image rendering unit (IMR) that enables
    realistic 360-degree surround view and free view-points at lower power
    consumption than GPU-based SoCs. The R-Car V3M supports up to four 1.3
    Megapixel cameras. These cameras can make use of the integrated ISP in
    the R-Car V3M, which eliminates the need to install an ISP per camera,
    thereby reduces bill-of-material (BOM) costs. The optimized video
    pipeline can generate up to Full HD resolution output to the
    infotainment units. The integrated IMP-X5 computer vision engine
    enables object recognition such as lane detection, pedestrian or
    obstacle detection. This enables OEMs and Tier 1s to design full-HD
    surround view systems with high-quality resolutions and lower power


Samples of the R-Car V3M SoC and reference board will be delivered by
Renesas and will be available from December 2017. Cogent’s software will
be available from Q4 2017 onwards. (Availability is subject to change
without notice.)

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