FN Herstal and Milrem Robotics Exhibit a Weaponized Unmanned Warfare System at DSEI

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#defnder–One of the leading firearms and weapon systems manufacturer FN Herstal
and defence solutions provider Milrem Robotics are introducing their
first joint product, a weaponized unmanned warfare system, at DSEI 2017.

This system features the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle by Milrem and
the deFNder® remote weapon station by FN Herstal. The joint product has
strong advantages in providing fire support and acting as a force
multiplier for warfighters.

The system has already been deployed with positive results at the
largest Estonian military exercise Spring Storm 2017. The two companies
will continue their R&D efforts later this year.

“Weaponized robotic systems are the next generation of warfare that will
provide a new level of fire power and most importantly keep our soldiers
in a safe distance,” said Kuldar Väärsi, the CEO of Milrem Robotics.
“And I am not talking about AI driven systems but remotely controlled
solutions where human operators make all the important decisions,” he

“The combined solution of deFNder® Medium and THeMIS, merging the
technologies and expertise of our two companies, illustrates the
potential of the concept,” said Vincent Verleye, COO of FN Herstal. “The
value added of such a weaponized robotic system is self-explanatory,” he

The tracked diesel-electric THeMIS UGV is intended to provide support
for dismounted troops even on very harsh terrains and in difficult
conditions. It offers 10 hours of work time with one full tank that can
be topped up anytime. The system has a payload of at least 750 kg /1650

Unlike competing systems the THeMIS is a multi-mission system that can
be equipped with several different superstructures including IED
detection and disposal systems, small and large calibre weapons and also
tethered and non-tethered drones.

The system is on display at the Estonian National Pavilion N3-430 with
other Estonian defence industry partners.

THeMIS + deFNder RWS – https://youtu.be/XNe6jDZqPu4


Gert Hankewitz
Export Director