Highly Successful Mortgage Originator VanNote Plans to Launch Home Buyer Huddle This Fall to Go Head to Head with Zillow and Commits $100,000 of Own Capital for Initial Development

HOBOKEN, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jeff VanNote, three-time award winner before the age of 30 as a “40
under 40 most influential mortgage people in the country,” announced
that he is putting his day-to-day loan origination mortgage business on
hold and leaving it in the hands of his operations team leader, Rebekah
Tardieu, while he pursues the development of his website and app, Home
Buyer Huddle, which he says will address and fill Zillow’s cracks and
holes, and truly help America’s future—the younger generations of

According to VanNote, “I was never truly excited about the mortgage
industry. I looked at this industry as a significant challenge, entering
it full-time at the age of 21, during the height of the real estate
market meltdown and the Great Recession. My passion has always been
helping people and giving back, especially to children and to those less
fortunate. I was able to put up solid numbers in deals from the day I
started in the business and was able to clear hundreds of thousands of
dollars per year in annual income for the last decade. I was very
fortunate to be taught a relentless work ethic, which was the catalyst
to my early success. It’s now time to take a shot on myself and put my
natural abilities in god’s hands to see what comes of it. I believe my
experience in this industry, real estate and mortgage, respectively,
will be recognized as the app develops. It’s time to change the game,
and I’m going to do it the right way.

“The industry is very old and there is a significant gap in business
between the mortgage legends of the 1970s and ’80s, such as my dad, and
the new breed of mortgage lenders entering the marketplace. Luckily, I
am the rare hybrid of old-school thinking and new-school execution, with
an understanding of millennial consumers and technology. I can
confidently say I am going to give this my all. I haven’t given up on
myself yet, and I never will.

“We are going to create the number-one national resource center for home
owners and future home owners and foster a sense of community never seen
before, comprised of amazing people who feel fulfilled by giving back.

“For 10 years I didn’t have fun. Now, I am having more fun than ever. It
is directly correlated to being surrounded by amazing people with the
same amazing goals in mind. My team is second to none. It’s game time.”

VanNote has an interesting story with a background and history of
sports, specifically football. Giving his all and pushing his mind and
body to very uncomfortable limits is normal to him. To him, the hardest
part of his life has come and gone, and everything up to this point has
been training for what’s to come. Now it’s up to him to execute on his
life purpose.


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