Insightly Announces New Version of CRM Suite Designed to Improve Adoption and Productivity for Microsoft Outlook Users at Midsize Businesses

  • Redesigned architecture and user interface overcome the adoption
    hurdles that stymie nearly half of all CRM projects
  • Up to 10X faster search performance, single sign on, integrated
    telephony, Kanban view and navigation enhancements improve user
  • Adds one of the industry’s deepest integrations for Microsoft Outlook,
    letting users view records, schedule, send and track emails without
    switching between inbox and CRM

the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today announced
the latest version of its product. The new version features a deep
Microsoft Outlook integration, as well as a redesigned technical
architecture and user interface that helps sales teams improve their

“A CRM product’s ease of use matters just as much as its feature set. If
your sales reps dread logging into the tool, your entire project is
jeopardized,” said Anthony Smith, founder and CEO, Insightly. “The new
version of Insightly is one of the fastest, most beautiful CRM systems
on the market, and is designed to help businesses overcome the user
adoption barriers that often hinder a CRM project’s success.”

Improves Search Performance 10X, Helps Avoid Pitfalls of Slow, Legacy

Legacy CRM suites often involve slow, cumbersome interfaces that
frustrate users and impede wide adoption. According to a
Forrester/CustomerThink survey, 46 percent of respondents encountered
user adoption struggles when implementing their CRM initiative1.

“There’s a very large graveyard of failed CRM projects. There’s more CRM
initiatives that have spiraled out of control to become
multimillion-dollar investments that negatively affected large numbers
of customer-facing employees and didn’t deliver any real results,”
writes Kate Leggett, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester2.

Insightly CRM makes usability as important as feature richness, and
combines technical performance with a user interface that reduces the
clicks, lag and loading screens users must navigate. The latest version

  • Blade Interface—adjustable navigation screen allows
    users to access and alter record details without clicking away from
    their broader search results; particularly useful for inside sales
    teams who need context for each call while conducting rapid outreach
  • Quick Search, Real-Time Notifications and Kanban View—up to 10X
    faster retrieval for contacts and other records; real time
    notifications appear directly in web app rather than email; new Kanban
    view option displays records as cards
  • Integrated Telephony—users can now dial customers directly
    within Insightly using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Insightly
    CRM can log, track and analyze call data to determine trends such as
    call length and messaging to optimize sales enablement
  • Single Sign On—Insightly now integrates with tools like OneLogin,
    or Okta,
    allowing large enterprises with hundreds of users to control who has
    access to different software applications and allow them to share one
    Windows login

Microsoft Outlook Integration Improves Productivity for Midsize

Insightly is already the most popular CRM application in the G Suite
Marketplace, with a Gmail integration that enables users to save emails
and other record data into Insightly from their inbox. Now Insightly is
extending its suite with a deep Microsoft Outlook integration.

Users can view contact details and account history from Insightly CRM
directly in their inbox prior to contacting prospects or customers, and
then automatically link those emails to their contacts or opportunities
for future reference. The Insightly Outlook toolbar lets users not only
save emails, but also pull Insightly email templates into their compose
screen, schedule their email outreach and track emails to see if, where
and when a prospect opens the note.

“Insightly is the only CRM suite that provides integrated email
templates, scheduling and tracking for Microsoft Outlook users,” said
Smith. “Our existing integration with Gmail has contributed to our
popularity, but as we increase our adoption among midsize enterprises it
is important we build deeper integrations around ecosystems such as
Microsoft Outlook which are preferred by many of these larger

Insightly CRM is available in a number of editions ranging from Basic to
Enterprise at price points to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes
and sophistication. The new UI and Microsoft Outlook integration will be
available for all editions, and will begin rolling out to select
customers next month.

Doubling Headcount, Building Momentum

Insightly has generated momentum following its $25M Series C funding
round in April 2016, and will nearly double its headcount to 160
employees by the end of 2017 by adding a sales team dedicated to midsize
businesses. Thousands of larger enterprises have already selected
Insightly, including some of the world’s largest healthcare and
manufacturing companies.

About Insightly

Insightly provides customer relationship management software for
businesses of all sizes across all industries, including manufacturing,
consulting, health & wellness, media and others. With more than 1.5
million subscribers worldwide, Insightly is the most popular CRM
software on the G Suite Marketplace.

1 CRM Success Hinges on Effective Change Management,
Forrester Research, Inc., February 2016

2 CRM Success Requires Focus On People, Not Only Technology,
Forrester Research, Inc. blogs, February 2016


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