A³ Project Vahana and Rescale Power the Dream of Personal Flight

is pleased to announce A³ and its project Vahana as a groundbreaking new
customer. Project Vahana is turning the dream of personal air
transportation into an exciting reality. Vahana makes a bold proposal to
extend the freedom of flight to everyone—not just those with pilot’s
licenses—by introducing an autonomous, pilotless aircraft.

During the design phase of this vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)
aircraft, A³ has a huge design space to explore. Designers are looking
for sci-fi inspired shapes, structural engineers are concerned with
weight, and aerodynamicists want sleek, high-performance flight
surfaces. By facilitating on-demand simulation software and fast,
scalable big compute resources, Rescale has enabled A³ to create a huge
number of virtual prototypes to cover the design space and please all
stakeholders. A³ has been able to run thousands of simulations to
achieve the optimal design, all achieved with a minimal in-house IT

an A³ project, is bringing the future of personal transportation to
life. Rescale’s scalable computing resources enable rapid analysis of
complex aerodynamics,” said Zach Lovering, Vahana Project Executive. “To
reduce the technical risks of our project with high-fidelity predictive
software requires immense computational resources. Rescale offers us a
turnkey solution to connect our software tools to high-performance

“We are delighted to have such an innovative company as A³ as a
customer,” said Joris Poort, CEO at Rescale. “The growing and
highly-variable computing demand requirement in this design space is
forcing engineering and IT teams to think outside the traditional
on-premise IT environment. Through Rescale, A³ is exploiting the best
possible combination of hardware and software resources available
worldwide to achieve rapid but optimal design of a very complex,
groundbreaking project.”

About Rescale

Rescale™ is the global leader for enterprise big compute on the
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world’s top executives, IT leaders, engineers and scientists to securely
manage product innovation and perform groundbreaking research and
development faster at a lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform solutions
transform traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private,
and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful
high-performance computing infrastructure network in the world. For more
information on Rescale, visit www.rescale.com.


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