Analytics Helping Telecom Companies Reduce Customer Churn Rates and Bad Debts by 50%, Says Quantzig

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Analytics–There are few markets that are as versatile and competitive as the
telecom industry. With constant technological innovations and top market
players attempting to increase market share by routinely offering new
products and services, telecommunications companies are locked in a
battle for dominance and have turned
to analytics
to gain a competitive advantage.

Telecom vendors are having massive success by adopting analytics
solutions, mainly customer, network, and financial risk analytics
according to Quantzig. Quantzig’s recent predictive analytics insights
show that telecom companies can decrease
customer churn rate by 50%
, while at the same time increase
repeat customers by 15%.

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Telecom Analytics Market Trends

Vendors are looking to implement churn prediction models. Analytics
solutions experts are developing hypothesis’ around churn rates,
conducting data analysis to assess the reasons for churn. The result is
a high accuracy model that updates risk scores for more accurate and
timely retention actions.

This isn’t the only model vendors are looking to implement – credit risk
modeling is increasingly being used as well. This model acts as a
scorecard for its customers to identify and separate the good accounts
with higher likelihood of regular payment, from potential bad accounts
with high potential for defaults, for managing credit risk, bad debts
and developing a targeted collections approach. Leading telecom vendors
have already had massive success using this model, in some cases achieving
50% reduction in bad debts

How Can Quantzig’s Customer Analytics Solutions
Help You?

Quantzig is helping telecommunications companies utilize insights to
better plan their marketing and promotional objectives. Leveraging
analytics is critical to launching
dominant products and retaining customers
in the telecom sector
and while drawing insights from such a heap of information may be a
daunting task, amidst cut-throat competition, telecom analytics should
be a vital component in every telecommunications companies’ marketing

In addition to creating and implementing predictive models for telecom
vendors, Quantzig has also helped consumer goods manufacturers reduce
supply chain cycle times by 20% and helped home appliance manufacturers
improve sales by 11%, by performing a web crawling and text mining

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