Twitch Embraces Science Week with Cosmos: A Personal Voyage Marathon and Prominent Members of the Scientific Community

All 13 episodes of Carl Sagan’s classic program, live Q&A with
co-creator Ann Druyan, and other personalities from science community,
to appear on Twitch beginning April 24

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Social video platform Twitch today announced it will be celebrating
Science Week beginning with a 13-episode marathon of one of the world’s
most beloved science series, the original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,
and conducting a series of interviews with notable personalities from
the scientific community. Among those taking part in Twitch’s Science
Week, which also honors Earth Day and the March for Science, are Ann
Druyan (Cosmos: A Personal Voyage and Cosmos: a Spacetime
), Ariane Cornell (Blue Origin), Matthew Buffington (NASA
spokesperson), Scott Manley (astronomer and sci-fi gamer), Pamela Gay
(CosmoQuest), Kishore Hari (Satellite
City Coordinator, March for Science)
, Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy
blog), Fraser Cain (Universe Today), and more to be announced.

Every episode of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, dating from the
show’s 1980 premiere to the season finale, will air twice on Twitch,
first on April 24-25 starting at 12:00 PDT, and again on April 27-28,
beginning at 2:00pm PDT. Creators will also be able to co-stream the
show, which enables them to add their own commentary over the video
being broadcast or to quietly enjoy it with only their own community
members in chat. The result is a more personalized, social experience
for their communities.

Following the marathon on April 28 at 2:00 PDT on will
be a live Q&A with Ann Druyan, who co-created Cosmos: A Personal
together with her late husband, the astronomer, Carl Sagan.
An acclaimed author and television producer, Druyan won the Emmy for
Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming for the 2014 follow-up, Cosmos:
A SpaceTime Odyssey
. She was also an executive producer and a
director of the series, for which she also took home a Peabody Award.
Druyan served as Creative Director of NASA’s legendary Voyager
Interstellar Message Project, a golden record containing music, sounds
and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on
Earth, intended to communicate a story of our world to
extraterrestrials. On their way out of our solar system at 40,000 mph,
they have a future shelf life of one to five billion years.

“Carl wanted to tear down the walls that exclude most of us from the
scientific experience, so that we could take the awesome revelations of
science to heart,” said Ann Druyan. “The power of the original COSMOS
series, with its enduring appeal to every generation since, is evidence
of how much we hunger to feel our connection to the universe. Truly
excited to share COSMOS now with the vast Twitch community.”

The 1980 premiere of the original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage was a
game-changing moment in nonfiction television, giving audiences a new
perspective on the universe beyond our own world. The Emmy and Peabody
Award-winning series was written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan and
astronomer, Steven Soter. In each episode, Sagan presented scientific
subjects, including the origin of life and humanity’s place in the
universe. The series gained acclaim for its engaging soundtrack and use
of special effects, including the first ever use of green screen
computer generated VFX on television. Since premiere, the series has
remained in ongoing worldwide distribution, and has been seen by more
than 750 million people around the world.

“Based on the engagement level of previous TV marathons on Twitch, our
community has proven their fondness for these types of interactive
viewing experiences,” said Jane Weedon, Director of Business Development
– Creative, Twitch. “Since Cosmos: A Personal Voyage couples
the scientific curiosity engulfing the world today with Carl Sagan’s
talent for connecting such advanced concepts with the everyday viewer,
it should be both entertaining and educational for viewers.”

Science Week on Twitch will also feature interviews with an array of
personalities from the science scene. Among the guests are the following:

  • Matthew Buffington – Director of Public Affairs at NASA’s Ames
    Research Center in Silicon Valley and host of NASA in Silicon Valley
  • Ariane Cornell — Head of Astronaut Strategy and Sales and Head of
    North American Sales for the New Glenn Rocket at Blue Origin.
  • Scott Manley — Astronomer and online gaming personality under the
    handle, “Szyzyg,”
    best known for video content about science and video games like Kerbal
    Space Program.
  • Pamela Gay — Astronomer and Principal Investigator of CosmoQuest, a
    citizen science facility, and the Director of Technology and Citizen
    Science at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
  • Kishore Hari — Science educator and director of Bay Area Science
    Festival, based out of the University of California, San Francisco,
    best known as one of the lead organizers of the global March for
  • Fraser Cain — Publisher of Universe Today, one of the most visited
    space and astronomy news websites on the internet, which he founded in
    1999. He’s also the co-host of the long running Astronomy Cast podcast
    with Dr. Pamela Gay. Fraser is an advocate for citizen science in
    astronomy, and on the board of directors for Cosmoquest, which allows
    anyone to contribute to discoveries in space and astronomy.
  • EJ_SA — Streaming on Twitch since December 2012, EJ_SA has been
    focused on showing viewers the seemingly magical accomplishments of
    past, present, and future space programs in KSP. This is where Space
    Shuttles fly, Rockets land, and Space Stations are built! Interactive
    chat, questions answered and weird facts about space all come together
  • Phil Plait — Astronomer and science communicator. He writes the Bad
    Astronomy blog for Syfy Wire, was the head science writer for the new
    Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World!”, and is the science
    consultant on the science fiction mini-series “Salvation”, coming out
    in the summer of 2017. He is a tireless promoter of science and lives
    to share his joy for the natural world.

For the full schedule of interviews, visit our blog
with more guests to be announced.

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage will air on
and all other Science Week content will air on

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