WISeKey and OISTE.ORG Localizes Its Cryptographic Root of Trust in India and Creates a New National RoT / CA to Bring Security to India Internet Ecosystems (People and the Connected Devices)

International Holding Ltd. (WIHN.SW), a leading Swiss
cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced that it has completed the
localization of its Cryptographic Root of Trust in India, which enables
the provision of digital identities to persons and secure devices
connected to the “Internet of Things”. The WISeKey Indian localization
brings innovative security solutions that, together with the OISTE
unique trust model, brings complete end-to-end cybersecurity solutions
to protect the interactions of persons, applications and connected

WISeKey’s technology includes both the required software and hardware
components to provide strong dual factor authentication and microchips
to be embedded into all types of “Secure Things” on diverse industries
such as distribution of products, anti-counterfeiting, smart cars, home
security controls, video cameras, etc. WISeKey Semiconductors products
(VaultIC product line), are a perfect solution for IoT device
manufacturers requiring a state-of-the-art security coverage on all
network types. Designed for low cost, power and surface constrained
devices, it proposes industry standard connectivity, very low power
consumption and a minimum footprint, and it’s offered together with the
WISeKey software PKI products and services, which provide the digital
identity to authenticate devices.

The localized PKI deployment will also enable needs for other business
needs, both in the private and public sectors. Most of the projects
under the Ministry of electrics and Information Technology (MeitY) and
Ministry of Urban Development like Mobile Identity based DBT (Direct
Benefit Transfers), Jan Dhan Yojna, ESign, eGov, eSampark, Social Media
etc., require execution of the Digital Core of these modernization
programs. WISeKey PKI technology enables easy to use digital signatures
and encryption, which are fundamental building blocks for secure online
transactions. WISeKey will also localize its offering for secure Mobile
Solutions, like the WISeID Personal Cloud. WISeKey also has relevant
applications in the private enterprise space. The digital payment
initiative, backed by the GOI, is a compelling reason for a lot of
private sector banks, e-commerce companies, and Telecom service
providers, to adopt stringent Trusted Identity based security solutions,
which again would have WISeKey PKI technology and the building block.

WISeKey is currently deploying large scale IoT digital identities and
chips for connected devices all over the world using its Cryptographic
Root of Trust and secure semiconductors technology. With the
Cryptographic Root of Trust embedded on the device, the IoT product
manufacturers can use code-signing certificates and a cloud-based
signature-as-a-service, to secure interactions among objects and between
objects and people.

At the heart of this strategy is the OISTE-WISeKey Cryptographic Root of
Trust which has been actively used since 1999 by over 2.6 billion
desktops, browsers, mobile devices, SSL certificates and Internet of
Things’ devices. The OISTE WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust is
ubiquitous and universal, and a pioneer in the identification of objects.

About WISeKey

WISeKey (SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading cybersecurity company
currently deploying large scale Internet of Things (“IoT”) digital
identity ecosystems and has become a pioneer of the “4th Industrial
Revolution”. WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”)
integrates wearable technology with secure authentication and
identification, in both physical and virtual environments, and empowers
IoT and wearable devices to become secure transactional devices. The RoT
serves as a common trust anchor, which is recognized by the operating
system and applications, to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and
integrity of on-line transactions. With the cryptographic RoT embedded
on the device, the IoT product manufacturers can use code-signing
certificates and a cloud-based signature as a service to secure
interactions among objects and between objects and people. WISeKey has
patented this process in the USA as it is currently used by many IoT

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