MediaAlpha Extends Demand-Side Platform for Leads to Multiple Industry Verticals

MediaAlpha’s Programmatic Technology Brings the Lead Industry Out of
the Stone Age

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#adtech–MediaAlpha, the pioneer in programmatic platforms for vertical search
media, is bringing the lead generation industry out of the Stone Age
with the first and only real-time bidding (RTB) enabled Demand-Side
Platform (DSP) for cost-per-lead media. MediaAlpha’s programmatic media
buying platform, MediaAlpha for Advertisers, enables media buyers
to buy leads in real-time on a self-service, automated basis, with full
transparency and control. MediaAlpha’s platform was initially deployed
to modernize lead buying in the auto insurance industry, and the company
has now successfully expanded into health and life insurance, travel,
personal finance, mortgage, and home services.

Lead generation is a $10 billion global industry and remains an
essential customer acquisition channel for many industries. However,
lead buying is still a highly manual process, conducted through dozens
of opaque intermediaries, using a negotiated contract-based process that
locks media buyers into fixed pricing and volume commitments. By
contrast, programmatic buying is scaling rapidly in other online media
channels such as display, video, keyword search, and mobile, with media
buyers benefiting greatly from the full transparency and controls
offered by real-time, self-service bidding platforms. MediaAlpha for
Advertisers is the lead generation industry’s only programmatic solution
that brings these efficiencies to lead buying to enable buyers to
execute modern, data-driven marketing strategies to make smarter, more
effective buying decisions at scale across all of their lead sources.

“MediaAlpha’s vision is to transform and modernize how media is
transacted through technology-driven innovation,” said Steve Yi, CEO.
“In many ways, lead buying is stuck in the Stone Age, constrained by an
outdated model that presents real challenges for buyers. While we
initially focused on modernizing auto insurance advertising, we have
since discovered that these same fundamental buying problems exist
across multiple industries. We are rapidly expanding into new verticals
that suffer from market inefficiencies where our technology delivers
unprecedented control and transparency to buyers so that they can buy
exactly how they want.”

How MediaAlpha’s Platform Works

MediaAlpha for Advertisers gives buyers the flexibility to bid for leads
on a real-time basis through the MediaAlpha Open Exchange, with an
existing network of lead suppliers, or by creating an invitation-only
Buyer Exchange that includes only those supply partners the buyer
chooses. Buyers using MediaAlpha for Advertisers to manage their lead
buying benefit from several unique features:

  • Self-service programmatic buying platform that provides full,
    real-time control over campaign management, audience targeting, and
    data-driven bidding strategies.
  • Algorithmic, real-time bidding capabilities to replace static,
    negotiated pricing and budget requirements.
  • Integrated platform to manage all lead buying, unlocking better
    cross-partner insights through comprehensive real-time reporting, and
    the ability to quickly execute buying strategies across all partners.
  • Data-driven audience targeting powered by first and third party data
    sets and support for dynamic propensity score and lifetime value-based
    bidding models.

The MediaAlpha for Advertisers platform dramatically increases lead
buying efficiency by both eliminating labor-intensive, time-consuming
operational activities associated with the traditional lead buying model
as well as capitalizing on the transparency, granular buying controls,
and data-driven bidding optimizations available through the platform,
all of which enable greatly enhanced ROI from lead buying campaigns.

“Our technology platform is transforming multiple industries,” continued
Yi. “It essentially breaks down the barriers to control, empowering
buyers to make smarter decisions, optimize their performance, and
streamline administration by eliminating buying inefficiencies. We’ve
seen dramatic success with a broad spectrum of companies. We know this
works and now it is time to bring a better way of buying to every
company that buys leads.”

MediaAlpha’s expansion follows its second consecutive year with more
than $100 million in annual revenue.

About MediaAlpha

MediaAlpha innovates at the intersection of programmatic media and
vertical search, bringing transparency and efficiency to buyers and
sellers. Vertical search media consists of pay-per-click, pay-per-call
or pay-per-lead media delivered to high intent, vertically focused
consumers at the bottom of the purchase funnel. MediaAlpha for
Advertisers empowers buyers to more effectively target and engage
high-intent consumers through a variety of touchpoints to increase
campaign ROI. MediaAlpha for Publishers gives sellers full control over
their inventory to optimize yield and maximize revenue. The company’s
proprietary technology powers over 25 million annual transactions
totaling more than $200 million in annual transaction volume across
insurance, travel, personal finance, education, and the home services
sectors. For more information, visit


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