Mavenir Unveils the Mavenir RCS Cloud Platform, Providing Both a RCS Platform and a Global RCS Interconnection Hub to Enable RCS Services on Behalf of Operators Globally

Provides Open Framework to Enable Diverse Innovation from an
Industry-wide Ecosystem

RICHARDSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mavenir, the global leaders in software-defined infrastructure solutions
with a world-leading installed base of advanced messaging solutions that
support more than 3.5 billions of subscribers across 350 operators,
today announced the launch of its cloud-based Rich Communication
Services (RCS) Platform and Hub, further expanding its globally deployed
suite of flagship RCS solutions that support tens of millions of
subscribers worldwide.

With its new RCS Platform and Hub, Mavenir provides Communications
Service Providers (CSPs) with an innovative approach to quickly and
efficiently deploy secure and advanced communications, while
capitalizing on new monetization services but without the high costs and
complexity associated with large-scale network infrastructure projects.

The Mavenir RCS Platform can be easily deployed either directly in the
operator network, as a Mavenir-hosted model or managed across a hybrid
model that results in a combination of both. This unique approach,
allows CSPs to decide which functionalities they want to remain in their
network, such as customer data – bringing back control to the operators
and expanding their role in the digital economy.

To underscore its commitment to value-added RCS evolution, the company
has also ensured its RCS platform provides an open environment that can
leverage the innovation of the wider industry ecosystem so that CSPs can
fully benefit from the emerging opportunities of RCS.

“We’ve listened to our service provider customers across the world who
want a new approach to RCS, something that lowers the barriers to entry,
enables faster deployment options and drives new monetization
opportunities,” said Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO at Mavenir. “As a
leader in software-based, virtualized network solutions with messaging
systems at our core, no one understands RCS better than Mavenir, having
the largest global installed base of SMS, MMS, Voicemail and RCS
systems, and carrying billions of messages every day across the world.
Our RCS Platform and Hub can meet CSPs advanced communications
requirements, where we can connect them to other service providers and
ultimately to billions of subscribers, without the efforts of building
out their own networks. One of our strategies is to enable connectivity
of SMSC and MMSC to our cloud-based RCS Hub for convergence and backward

These new additions to Mavenir’s suite of RCS solutions, provides CSPs
with greater control over their RCS deployment options, driving openness
and interoperability. Key benefits include:

  • Operators can remain in control of the messaging ecosystem and
    customer data.
  • Time to market of services is reduced from months to weeks for full
    suite of RCS services that meet GSMA’s RCS specifications and
    Universal Profile standards.
  • Accelerates the ability to extend offerings to include fully converged
    IP messaging solutions.
  • Access to additional monetization opportunities via new services such
    as Multi-ID, Chatbots and Messaging as a Platform (MaaP).
  • The integrated solution also supports a wide range of RCS-enabled
    devices and contains the latest network based Security, Spam, and
    Fraud protection using Mavenir’s machine-learning based Spam and Fraud
    Platform and Signaling Firewall.
  • An open and interoperable RCS ecosystem not dominated by 3rd party

Mavenir’s unique offering in RCS solutions is underpinned by its
dedication to driving an industry-wide ecosystem, open to any business
who plays a part in advanced communications. This will support the roll
out of richer experiences to device users and provide CSPs with access
to new monetization channels from enterprise application to person (A2P)
flows to dynamic mobile marketing and chatbot frameworks. Such a
capability is critical, as CSPs move to NFV environments, and start to
support Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G network traffic.

“Achieving global scale remains a challenge for RCS,” said Pamela
, lead analyst, Digital Communications and Social
Networking at Ovum. “If RCS is to succeed, it will require more operator
RCS deployments, more interconnection between operators’ RCS services,
greater penetration of interworking native RCS clients such as Android
Messages, and an ecosystem that enables monetization, including
engagement between enterprises and consumers.”

“As an industry, we can create incredible business opportunities from
RCS, IoT and 5G, and it is our job to ensure our CSP customers can
continue to grow lucrative new revenue streams from the latest services.
Their success is our success, and a key principle of our business is to
work side-by-side with CSPs to build intelligent, flexible solutions
which can be the catalyst for innovation and growth. Together with our
partners of more than 350+ operators, we can accelerate next generation
communications for our combined 3.5 billion subscriber base, moving them
into the future. Unlike other widely-publicized over-the-top (OTT)
solutions, with the Mavenir platform, CSPs will remain in control of
their services and subscriber data, and can launch tailored new
offerings to suit users’ behaviours, generating revenue quickly without
having to build out their RCS networks from scratch. They can simply
connect to the Mavenir Cloud for immediate access to infrastructure and
services,” concluded Kohli.

Mavenir’s industry first commercially available RCS solution currently
handles live traffic for millions of subscribers globally, supporting
numerous customers and devices. To find out more about Mavenir’s RCS
Platform and Hub please email
or visit our dedicated RCS Platform and Hub solution page on our

About Mavenir Systems, Inc. | Mavenir

Mavenir, the combination of Mitel Mobile, Xura, and Ranzure Networks –
is a leading player in evolved, cloud-proven networking solutions. As a
trusted partner, Mavenir accelerates and redefines network
transformation for Service Providers, by offering a comprehensive
product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure
stack. From 5G application/service layers to packet core and RAN –
Mavenir leads the way in evolved, cloud-proven networking solutions
enabling innovative and secure experiences for end users.

Through its industry first VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging, Visual
Voicemail and Cloud RAN solutions, and serving 350+ customers across 3.5
billion subscribers, Mavenir’s platform enables Service Providers to
successfully deliver tomorrow’s vision today and realize new revenue
streams and operational efficiencies.


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