G. A. Baird & Company Announces New Financial Technology Initiative in Stamford CT

Industry participants organize to capitalize on advancements in
real-time technologies and cloud-native computing to improve how
financial services are designed and delivered.
New technologies
increase financial inclusion, lower the cost of delivery while improving
security and functionality – creating better services to more people at
lower costs.

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With Stamford’s proximity to one of the largest financial centers in the
world and home to many alternative investment managers, Stamford CT and
its region is an epicenter for capital, technology and talent. As the
banking and financial services industry evolves, new technologies and
initiatives in data processing, mobile banking, cyber security,
block-chain and cloud-native computing are delivering better products
and services. The region benefits from an organized effort to improve
collaboration and investment. The Financial Technology Project is
expected to garner input from private and public efforts, one of which
is organized by G. A Baird & Company, a private investment and
technology firm headquartered in Stamford CT. “We are excited about
being involved and contributing. We see multiple benefits in these types
of projects to promote awareness and develop new technologies,” says
Gordon A. Baird, the founder of Baird & Company and former Chief
Executive Officer of Independence Bancshares and a former Citigroup

The project explores the needs and opportunities to expand modern
banking infrastructures including cloud-native applications, artificial
intelligence capabilities, complex event processing, cyber security,
cryptography and functional programming. “Stamford is beginning to
emerge as a center for innovation for financial technologies and media
businesses. We are very interested in encouraging these types of
initiatives and being involved,” explains Jackie Lightfield, the
Executive Director of the Stamford Partnership, a 503(c) organization
dedicated to promote and support area businesses and economic
development. The project will include informal meet-ups, and
presentations as well as potentially educational series and professional
networking events. Eventually, the organizers hope to see new businesses
emerge, new technologies created and a robust interconnected financial
technological ecosystem develop. Sheelah Quinn, the general manager at
Workpoint, a co-working space located in Stamford adds, “We would like
to see Stamford’s collaborative business activities grow. We invested in
a state of the art video production facility to promote and support
these types of projects.” The project organizers envision a series of
educational and community outreach programs. “The effort can lead to
educational and training programs for recent graduates to learn valuable
technical skills while expanding their professional networks. These
skills are highly transferable and in demand across multiple industries
and regions. It could act as a springboard for people seeking a career
change or an opportunity to participate in better wages offered by the
growing technology sector,” explains Mr. Baird. “There are opportunities
to expand infrastructure investments to include education, student loan
programs, small business finance, banking, and cyber security.” Mr.
Baird is also a member of the board of directors of the Macquarie Global
Infrastructure Total Return Fund.

The project initiative is expected to be headquartered in Stamford CT
and include participants throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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