SwaggerHub Enables Instant Serverless Infrastructure with New AWS Integration

API Designers Can Now Instantly Deploy Swagger APIs Directly to
Amazon API Gateway

, a leader in software quality tools for the connected
world, released SwaggerHub
integrations for Amazon
Web Services
(AWS). Now within the SwaggerHub SaaS application, API
designers can instantly deploy their Swagger/Open
API Definitions directly to Amazon
API Gateway
, a fully managed service that makes it easy for
developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs at any
scale. SwaggerHub is the place for development teams to collaborate and
coordinate the entire lifecycle of an API.

“Going from Swagger to a serverless infrastructure has typically
required a number of complicated steps across many different
configuration interfaces,” said Tony
, VP of Products, Swagger at SmartBear. “With our new
integration, we not only can push the definition to the Amazon API
Gateway, but make the connection to AWS Lambda 100 percent automated.
Now, developers can let AWS take care of the entire serverless
infrastructure while they focus on the business value of their services.”

Serverless deployments, or “no-ops,” is considered by many to be the
next stage in the evolution of cloud computing. By removing the entire
server infrastructure, developers can rely on their cloud provider to
manage and scale their APIs automatically. For APIs specifically,
serverless requires a mapping between an API description and business
logic, a task perfectly suited for the Swagger/Open API Specification.

“AWS customers are increasingly deploying serverless applications using
Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda to eliminate the need for hands-on
management of their infrastructure and realize faster times to market,”
said Tim
, General Manager of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway at
Amazon Web Services, Inc. “The new SwaggerHub integration makes it easy
for developers to build and deploy serverless infrastructures that
automatically scale to meet demand, from a few requests per second to
hundreds of thousands, without paying for idle resources.”

The SwaggerHub integration with AWS automatically maps operations from
the Swagger Definition directly to AWS Lambda functions and creates them
if they do not exist. With SwaggerHub, the barrier to moving to a
serverless deployment is near zero and the definition in SwaggerHub is
treated as the single source of truth for the API deployment, reducing
errors and promoting a cohesive API lifecycle.

For more information, visit: https://swaggerhub.com/.

About SwaggerHub
The Swagger API lifecycle tool from
SmartBear, SwaggerHub is the place for development teams to collaborate
and coordinate the entire lifecycle of an API. An open API-driven
platform which makes it easy to integrate with multiple tools,
SwaggerHub allows teams to work directly with stakeholders in all phases
of easily building and managing APIs. For more information, visit: https://swaggerhub.com/
and follow @SwaggerHub
on Twitter.

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