DSI Platform Update Includes App Analytics, Configurable Apps

KANSAS CITY, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DSI announced today a significant release, version 8.5 of the DSI
Platform. The new release introduces DSI App Analytics and includes
enhancements to the configuration and design of mobile apps.

The update introduces DSI App Analytics, which delivers critical
real-time insights into how apps perform and are being used in the real
world. Leveraging data from app instrumentation, devices and networks,
as well as enterprise systems, including application servers, databases
and back office systems, DSI App Analytics can be used to detect and
diagnose performance issues and track user behavior across geographies,
devices and users.

“Without app analytics, business owners and operations personnel are
flying blind with respect to how their apps are performing, as well as
how—and if—their apps are being used,” said Matt McGraw, President and
CEO, DSI. “DSI App Analytics gives app managers, developers and
operations staff the real-time insights necessary to identify and
resolve usage and operational issues, increasing app adoption, improving
the user experience and increasing the ROI of mobile deployments.”

Additionally, DSI App Analytics provides a granular look into user
experience. In-app usage metrics and behavioral trends give operational
and development personnel information to provide continuous app
improvements. With these insights, they can optimize not only mobile
apps, but also the environment in which apps run.

The 8.5 release also includes enhancements to the DSI Platform’s rapid
application development environment. The update allows business analysts
and developers to easily change the logic or appearance of apps through
the addition of Configuration Elements. Often organizations must adapt
their processes and business execution to meet the operational or
regulatory needs of multiple sites, geographies, business units or
customers. With the introduction of Configuration Elements, the same
suite of apps can be deployed to multiple organizations or lines of
business, configured differently for each.

Configuration Elements are dynamic, allowing app behavior and appearance
to be modified for independent organizational units or specific sets of
users without the need to modify and republish apps. This greatly speeds
deployment and reduces management overhead.

In another improvement to app design and development, DSI Platform,
version 8.5, includes expanded capabilities within DSI’s Wire framework
for designing rich consumer-grade mobile apps. Wire is now more deeply
integrated into the platform for better development productivity and
greater reuse.

The addition of a plug-in for the popular Sketch UI design tool
accommodates rapid app design prototyping using tools that are already a
part of your designers’ daily workflow. By using the plug-in, app
designers can create a front-end prototype in a fraction of the time,
then turn that design over to the developers or business analysts to
develop deeper business logic and connect to back-end systems.

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