ShopWhere Brings Adaptable Self-Service Advertising to Businesses in Australia

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ShopWhere is excited to announce that it has developed a web based
advertising platform,,
for businesses to create and display their adaptable self-service
advertisements, as well as providing free downloadable phone apps for
all Australians.

ShopWhere advertising is designed to offer traditional bricks-and-mortar
businesses, internet businesses, and licensed professionals an effective
way to reach customers.

ShopWhere advertisements are easy to create, and professional.
Multimedia services are offered at an economical rate. Ads are easily
shared on multiple social media platforms and web statistics are

Advertisements are created, saved, previewed, edited, and can be copied
for use as the template for a new one. An advertisement can be paused
for a period of time as long as it’s wholly within the advertising term.
Businesses can have multiple advertisements live at once, and manage
them all through one ShopWhere account.

Advertisements are modifiable to adapt to changing market conditions
that may occur during the advertising term. The website and phone apps
are location sensitive.

For marketing professionals, one ShopWhere account can be used to create
and manage advertisements for multiple client businesses.

Based in Sydney, the Managing Director and CEO of ShopWhere, Eric Hecht,
said, “ShopWhere was developed to bring flexible, efficient, cost
effective, shareable advertising to businesses, while making it simple
for the public to find what they are looking for in one location.

Our hope is that the public viewing an advertisement on ShopWhere, and
the businesses that are advertising on ShopWhere, benefit from the
ShopWhere website, ShopWhere phone apps, and ShopWhere advertising

We look forward to working hard in expanding the benefits of the
ShopWhere platform through the use of technology and advertising

To learn more about advertising on ShopWhere, please visit

About ShopWhere:

ShopWhere is a privately held business based in Sydney, Australia.
ShopWhere is focused on providing its web based advertising platform to
a wide range of businesses. Making it simple and easy for all types of
businesses to create and share web advertisements is its number one
driver. Through efficient delivery and operation, it aims to broaden its
web footprint to become a recognisable brand in online advertising.


For more about ShopWhere, contact
Eric Hecht, +61 2 8006 4517
Director and CEO
21 / 54-56 Beach Road
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 Australia