Seeloz Launches the MixaWallet Shopper Engagement Ecosystem for Grocers and CPG Brands

SANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – February 29, 2016) – Seeloz, the hyper-local shopper engagement company, today announced the official launch of its MixaWallet program empowering grocers, particularly regional chains and independents, to engage in data-driven collaboration with consumer packaged goods companies across the country. Through its Loyalty on Steroids formula, MixaWallet allows retailers to deliver personalized offers, funded through national shopper marketing dollars, to shoppers at home, in store, and on the go, all redeemable through phone number soliciting during checkout.

In addition, Seeloz announced an extensive ecosystem spanning grocers, manufacturers and point of sale providers/resellers, bringing benefits to all parties involved. Grocers realize access to national shopper marketing dollars and a no-cost, direct-to-consumer program (ie: loyalty). Manufacturers gain significant ROI improvements and visibility into markets they could not see previously. Point of sale providers/resellers add value to their existing client base with a new, dynamic platform and shoppers benefit with relevant and personalized offers based on their individual shopping behavior and purchases.

  • Grocers – Focused on Tier 2, regional supermarket chains, and Tier 3, independent supermarket operators shielded by wholesalers, the initial rollout is currently spanning traditional and hispanic independent grocers throughout California, Nevada, Utah, the Northeast and Upper Midwest regions of the US.
  • Manufacturers – High profile consumer goods manufacturers are currently leveraging the platform in the West Coast in anticipation of a full national rollout in the upcoming three months. These manufacturers span multiple verticals and include healthy lifestyle companies.
  • POS Resellers – To support our national expansion, Seeloz has entered into partnership agreements with POS Resellers covering more than 2,000 grocery stores in the Pacific Coast region, and the Upper Midwest. These partners are currently providing MixaWallet as a free add-on service to support their existing installations and ongoing maintenance.
  • POS Integration – The solution is currently functional on multiple point of sale systems with sizeable coverage across the Tier 2 and 3 grocery markets in the US including NCR ScanMaster, Retalix ISS45 and RORC systems. Other POS Systems are planned to be supported before the end of Q1, 2016, including LOC SMS, NCR ACS-IR and others.

About Seeloz

Seeloz, Inc. was founded by Dr. Mohamed Aly in 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Seeloz is disrupting the $30B+ per year spent on Shopper Marketing by providing CPG brands with the ability to optimize the return on investment for their promotional spend through data-driven collaboration with grocers. For the first time, CPGs and grocers can leverage Seeloz’ MixaWallet program to target consumers with hyper-personalized and variably-priced offers, seamlessly tied to the consumers’ phone numbers. For more information, visit

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