Fostering an Analytics-Driven Culture: An Interview With Toly Shilman

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – August 31, 2015) – Toly Shilman, Global Commercial Innovation Enterprise E-Commerce Manager at Kimberly-Clark and speaker at the upcoming marcus evans Predictive Analytics and Modeling for Business Success Conference, recently shared his experience with fostering an analytics-driven culture at his organization. Kimberly-Clark, 140-year-old consumer goods business with a deep tradition, is constantly on the cutting edge of the best business practices, possessing a true grasp on the return on investment that predictive analytics can create.

The inaugural Predictive Analytics and Modeling for Business Success Conference will take place October 14-15, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

How have you been able to develop an analytics-driven culture within Kimberly-Clark?

Toly Shilman: As a strong believer in analytics, I push for constant exposure for all functions. Using and exploring analytics and their results should be a cross-functional effort. I push to have teams understand not just what the numbers are but what they actually mean for the business. Our Global Market Research and Analytics team constantly have worked to push new ideas forward and deliver extremely valuable insight into our business.

With a constantly changing company such as Kimberly-Clark, what is your strategy for staying on top of your predictive models?

TS: While internally we always work to stay on top of our analytic efforts, we are constantly on the lookout of new cutting edge technology and thinking, such as Narrow AI and other advanced analytics methods.

What is your personal definition of risk paralysis?

TS: My definition of risk paralysis is the idea that just because we have always done things a certain way that they will continue to be the only way.

How important is it to onboard new employees, at every level, using an analytics-driven approach?

TS: It is extremely important to use an analytics-driven approach to onboard employees. I would add that combining the analytics with the important intangibles is what makes an onboarding process smooth and allows the employee to contribute much faster.

What is your strategy for communicating predictive analytic goals effectively when working with the non-analytical side of the business?

TS: The process of how the numbers were derived is not as important to the non-analytic types; what matters to them is the numbers that help them reach their goals. By considering what their objectives are, one can tailor the message to appeal to their considerations. They will then be much more attentive to how the data was delivered and why the process was important.

What do you hope attendees will take away from your session, “Unpredictive Analytics: Or What your Mother Should Have Warned you About Working in a Fortune 500 Company“?

TS: I hope the attendees will walk away from this program with a better understanding of how the role of predictive analytics can make them a true MVP in the company as long as they have a clear understanding of how to balance the needs of the stakeholders, the direction of the company, and their own internal expectations; without being blinded by “absolutes” that predictive analytics are known for but that may not provide the useful information for the company.

About Toly Shilman

Anatoly “Toly” Shilman is the Global Enterprise E-Commerce Manager with Kimberly-Clark Professionals (KCP) Commercial Innovation unit. Toly is also the entrepreneurship and innovation culture evangelist at KCP. Toly has had a career that spans the gamut of early-stage startups to Fortune 150 companies. Prior to KCP, Toly helped build an early stage neurogenomics startup, Intellimedix, from a business plan to a research deal with Pfizer. Prior to Intellimedix, Toly was a member of the Theraflu brand team at Novartis Consumer Health There he led their new product innovation, forecasting and analytics efforts.
In addition to his main responsibilities, Toly serves as an entrepreneur mentor and adviser to Emory University’s Entrepreneurship and Venture Management Club, as well as to startups across Atlanta. Toly graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Packaging Science and received his MBA from the Fordham University’s Gabelli Graduate School of Business in Marketing and Finance.

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