Here’s a New Twist on March Madness – How about “March Goodness?”

Schools across Canada and United States compete by doing good deeds
for others

LEXINGTON, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As we head into the NCAA Tournament’s “Sweet Sixteen” tonight, it seems
everyone has a case of madness right now. Students and fans, both young
and old are cheering on their favorite teams!

What if we all turned some of that attention into doing good deeds, into
March Goodness?

Student ambassadors at colleges across the country are picking up the
ball and challenging kids, alumni, and fans to participate by doing good
deeds for others. Colleges with the most social good points will receive
school donations and top individual performers can earn scholarship
money. Students are doing everything from feeding the homeless,
volunteering, donating blood, buying coffee for the next person in line,
thanking friends for their support and thanking people who inspire them.
They’re also celebrating International Happiness Day and raising
awareness about issues that concern them, like school shootings.

The “competition” is being sponsored by xocial,
an online community that supports and inspires the next generation of
social responsibility. Even though the tournament has started, you can
still get involved. “Our mission is to measure and inspire acts of
kindness. We accomplish this by issuing challenges to users in the
spirit of Competitive Kindness,” says xocial CEO Colin Duetta.

Xocial is partnering with former NCAA and NBA champion Derek Anderson
and his A.O.K. Foundation to add some goodness to a month full of
madness. Derek is mentoring 106 kids right now and believes in giving
kids a strong voice. “You need to teach kids to deliberately do
something nice for someone every day. It can’t be a random act, it needs
to become second nature,” said Anderson. “If you can change a kid’s
character, you can change a community.”

Right now, the University of Windsor is in first place on the “Goodness”
leader board, McMaster University is in second, and Loyola Marymount
University is in third.

See just how simple acts can inspire, uplift, and make a difference
today. If you want to learn more, just check out
and see how you can get involved.


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