March Bracket Predictions: Sleep Number Picks No. 12 Seed from Davidson, N.C.

Predictions based on each city’s sleep quality

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With so many possible college bracket combinations, all those
blank spaces can be daunting to fill in. This year, Sleep Number
offers college basketball fans a new way to complete their 2018
college basketball brackets.


Sleep Number threw out conventional tools – like probability and
stats – and, instead, examined how well each city slumbered this
semester. Add in some fancy analytics, and the result is a bracket
prediction based on which college towns slept the best, which is a
leading indicator of athletic


So, go ahead: copy this perfect basketball tournament bracket,
which may just help you win your pool. Or, more than
likely, you’ll just sleep better knowing you have the body’s most
essential need for peak performance – sleep – informing this
year’s selection.


See accompanying graphic for details on how we think this dance
will end.


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