Original 1992 Lithuanian Olympic Skullman® Tie Dye Basketball Uniforms Resurface for 25th Anniversary

25th Silver Anniversary Edition of Original 1992 Lithuanian
Slam-Dunking Skeleton Jerseys Reissued for 2017 by Original Creator –
Offers Public Another Chance to Own Part of Sports History.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#basketball–The 25th Anniversary Edition of the original 1992 Lithuanian
Tie Dyed Slam-Dunking Skeleton Jerseys have been reissued by their
original artist and are now available from Skullman.com.

Created 25 years ago by NYC artist licensor Greg Speirs, the tie-dyed
Slam Dunking Skeleton uniforms became an international sensation on the
world stage of the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics. The ‘way out’ jerseys
were worn by the Lithuanian Men’s Olympic Basketball Team as they
received their bronze medals on the podium & became part of sports
history one of the most unusual and memorable moments of the Olympics.

The Slam-Dunking Skullman® became an inspiration for the team, a part of
Olympic history and a legendary piece of Lithuania’s basketball culture
now forever part of the folklore of Lithuania.

The original skeleton design represented the artist’s interpretation of
a team rising from nothing, “like a Phoenix from the ashes to finally
slam-dunk a basketball to bronze victory. It’s not a dead skeleton at
all, but this skeleton represents rebirth and a new life. It was not
only a victory in Olympic sports, but it was as if it were a triumph
over communism itself.” recalled Speirs. The story is featured in the
2012 basketball documentary movie, “The Other Dream Team”, about the
Lithuanian Basketball Team’s hardships on the road to the 92′ Olympics. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3998173/

“The major funds sponsoring the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic Men’s Basketball
Team actually came solely from the artist because the bulk of the
financial donations came from his profits, a fact omitted from the
original 1992 story.” said Mike Thompson of Skullman.com.

By donating 100% of his profits to the team, the artist acquired major
funder status. Sales continued to fund the team beyond 1992 pushing his
donation past millions of dollars more for the team, to Lithuanian
children’s charities & to help build the famous basketball school in


Skullman® was even “enshrined” at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
in Springfield, Mass. on Dec.7th 1993 becoming the first & only cartoon
character to be “enshrined” in any Hall of Fame.http://www.lithuaniatshirt.com/basketball%20hall%20of%20fame.htm

The 2017 25th Anniversary Edition is an exclusive release of Speirs’
Original 1992 Skullman® Slam-Dunking Skeleton on the Original Lithuania
Tie Dye® and on the new solid green jerseys. The back of the shirt
denotes the 2017 25th Anniversary Edition year with the trademarked
skeletal hands slam dunking a flaming basketball.

The Original 1992 Skullman Lithuanian Tie Dyed Jerseys and the new 2017
Collector’s 25th Anniversary Edition are both available at: www.skullman.com


Mike Thompson