Orlando Cepeda Thanks the San Francisco Giants Organization

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mr. Cepeda wishes to thank Larry Baer and the rest of the Giants
organization and ownership for the lovely tribute to his wife, Mirian
Cepeda, before the Diamondbacks game on April 12. Just before the game,
the Giants asked the fans to observe a moment of silence to honor
Mirian’s memory. Larry Baer, a great number of the Giants’ employees,
and members of ownership reached out to Mr. Cepeda and his family to
offer their support during this terrible time. Mr. Cepeda wishes to
publicly thank everyone for their kindness. He is both humbled and
extremely grateful to each person who did so. They are too numerous to
mention. Once again, the Giants demonstrated that they are not just
another major league baseball team, but more like a family that takes
care of their own. He thanks you for your kindness.

Mirian was an amazing person who he loved deeply. She could light up the
room with her free spirit, cause people to smile, and instantly created
a feeling of joy and love. She was a very loyal person and treated
everyone the same way no matter how powerful they might be. She was a
real original and Mr. Cepeda misses her tremendously.


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