Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (TVCDC) Announces New Partnership With Ethos Asset Management: Partnership Provides Long Term Philanthropic Financing to the TVCDC

PORCUPINE, S.D.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation announced a new long-term philanthropic financing partnership with Ethos Asset Management Inc. (EAM), in conjunction with EAM associate Attributed Holdings International. Ethos, a private project financing provider with global operations, has committed to providing TVCDC with a significant capital infusion of $8.217 million, in the form of a grant.

Ethos recognizes the importance of building a more humane and fair economy, and assisting in improving society as a whole. Ethos helps non-profit entities upgrade their financial structures with their Philanthropic Financing Facility (PFF) and has pledged to set aside 8% of annual profits for PFF operations in future years.

Tatewin Means, Executive Director of Thunder Valley CDC, stated, “We are excited to partner with Ethos now, and in the future, in this journey for our people’s liberation. Comprehensive capital such as this, in Indigenous communities, is a rarity and we are truly grateful for this investment in our vision, mission, leadership and staff. Ethos’s innovative approach and investment strategy is liberating in and of itself as it gives us the freedom to focus on the work.”

Carlos Santos, CEO of Ethos Asset Management, stated, “We are very excited and humbled to be able to support TVCDC through our Philanthropic Financing Facility. We recognize the importance of TVCDC’s focus on key areas including education, housing, food sovereignty, Lakota language, workforce development, community development, education, regional equity, social enterprise, and youth leadership. These services delivered to the community maintain a strong sense of Lakota heritage, while developing members to emerge from the cycle of extreme poverty, addiction and suicide. We whole-heartedly support TVCDC in their mission and are extremely proud to become their long-term financing partners.”

Funding from EAM will be used to support the annual operational needs of TVCDC and the completion of several construction projects. The projects include the expansion of their Lakȟóta Language Immersion Daycare facility in Porcupine; the completion of a community playground rooted in Lakȟóta lifeways; additional space to accommodate staff needs; and the acquisition of property in White Clay, Nebraska for a future Healing Community with transitional and permanent supportive housing.

About TVCDC:

TVCDC is a holistic and Lakota-led non-profit organization that works for the liberation of the Lakota people. TVCDC does their work through an innovative community approach founded on their Lakota Lifeways. Their approach creates healing paths for individuals that ripples out into their families, community, and ultimately their nation. TVCDC operationalizes hope through their eight interconnected initiative areas that focus across the five Social Determinates of Health that are rooted in their Lifeways and Wellness Equity work. Together, this whole community approach aims to serve the Oglala Lakota community as well as serve as an example for Indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island. For more information about Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, please visit

About Ethos Asset Management:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. Providing financing to government and privately promoted projects in every continent and every sector, Ethos has developed a unique risk modulation model which allows them to provide financing in terms not available anywhere in traditional financial markets. Additionally, Ethos provides advice to structure projects and restructure debt. Ethos supports and develops their clients to navigate changing market environments to achieve their long-term goals with confidence. For more information about Ethos Asset Management, please visit

About Attributed Holdings International

Attributed Holdings is a global holding company having strategic partnerships with firms and individuals in private equity, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, biotech, real estate, construction, land development, legal, and investment banking verticals. Attributed works to assist in establishing successful project financing transactions as an associate of Ethos Asset Management and a partner of Ethos Commercial Consultancy JSC. Our partners, throughout their careers have been leaders in innovation in their respective undertakings and have been involved in highly successful national and global initiatives that have driven positive change in both the private and government sectors.


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