Attorney Todd Tracy Donates $50K For DallasISD School Food Pantry

Car Accident Lawyer Supports Dallas Medrano Elementary

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dallas Vehicle Safety Lawyer Todd Tracy donated $50,000 to build a food pantry at Esperanza “Hope” Medrano Elementary School. The Tracy Law Firm’s Vehicle Safety Lab is located two blocks from the school which serves PreK through 5th-grade students.

Tracy became aware that some of the children that walked by his office every day were suffering from hunger. “I believe it is our job as business owners as well as fortunate citizens to invest in the communities around us. We can’t take for granted that it is our privilege to live in a democracy founded on the rule of law. It is our duty to prepare for the next generation.”

He contacted Principal Mario Mondragón, who suggested building a food pantry at the school to support the families with limited financial resources.

“Mr. Tracy simply reached out to us and told us that he wanted to contribute because he has noticed a need in this community,” Mondragon said. “We serve a community with a wide variety of needs, and many of the families need food and additional resources. I’m thankful that he’s there and that he wants to serve this community.”

Tracy’s contribution follows the legacy of Mrs. Medrano who operated a small neighborhood grocery store. Through it, she established a clothes pantry for children in need of school clothes as well as gave lunch money to students who did not have any money.

When Todd Tracy sees students at the Medrano Elementary School he sees the future. He believes our children need to be well-fed so that they can learn, and one day, perhaps, find the cure for cancer, discover new principles of physics or become a successful CEO.

Tracy encourages other law firms across the state of Texas to follow his example. The Tracy Law Firm plans to build a new playground for Medrano Elementary in the coming weeks.


Robert Riggs