Wolters Kluwer Experts are Featured Speakers at 2019 ICBA, CBA National Conferences

Timothy Burniston, Barbara Boccia to share regulatory compliance
insights with banker audiences

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Principal Regulatory Strategist and Senior Advisor Timothy R. Burniston
and Barbara Boccia, Senior Director for Advisory Services and Regulatory
Relations in Wolters
Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions business
, will speak at two major
banking association conferences this spring. Boccia will lead a session
looking at the challenges community bank compliance teams face in an
evolving regulatory environment at the Independent Bankers Association
of America’s 2019 ICBA LIVE conference, March 18-22 in Nashville.

“The ICBA session will focus on the fact that, despite the buzz about
deregulation the last several years, community banks continue to face a
very high level of regulatory
compliance obligations
,” said Boccia. “This reality is reflected in
our annual Indicator
of banks that cite continued and significant concerns in
managing risk and compliance challenges. This is no time for a
regulatory siesta.”

Additionally, she will serve as a panelist to discuss considerations
around bank partnerships with fintech firms at the Consumer Banking
Association’s CBA LIVE 2019 conference April 1-3 in Washington, DC.

“Many banks are forming or considering ways to incorporate fintech
innovation within their organizations. However, the compliance risks
associated with integrating these platforms within the bank can present
significant obstacles, so banks must proceed with caution—and an
abundance of due diligence,” she noted.

Joining a panel of experts at CBA LIVE, Burniston will offer insights on
the effort to modernize
the Community Reinvestment Act
(CRA) regulations, looking at how
feedback from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Advanced
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) issued in 2018 is shaping
discussions around reforming the 40-year-old CRA.

“For the first time since 1993, there is a high degree of probability
that we will see a major rewrite of parts of the regulations that
implement the Community Reinvestment Act,” said Burniston. “The ANPR
represented a first step to begin the process to issue a modern CRA
regulation that can be uniformly interpreted and applied. Through the
next stages of the rulemaking process, perhaps all stakeholders will
find common ground that will better align the CRA’s original mandate
with a banking industry that has undergone significant transformation in
recent years.”

Event details include:

  • 2019

    “Compliance Siesta Time? Not a Chance!”
    Barbara Boccia explains that in the current regulatory environment,
    compliance officers are doing more with less and struggling to keep
    pace. Her session looks at how banks can adapt their compliance
    culture and soft skills to maintain robust focus on compliance
    management efforts and keep on top of regulatory obligations. 7:30
    Thursday, March 21, Music City Convention Center, Nashville.
  • CBA
    LIVE 2019

    “CRA Modernization and the OCC’s ANPR”
    OCC led the charge for CRA modernization when it released its ANPR for
    comment in the fall of 2018. The panelists will discuss what can be
    gleaned from the comments, as well as potential changes federal
    regulators may consider as part of the next stage in the rulemaking
    process, how community organizations are moving forward, and possible
    impacts to banks. 9 a.m. Monday, April 1, Gaylord National Harbor,
    Washington, DC
  • CBA
    LIVE 2019

    “Fintech Partnerships Compliance Guide –
    Buy, Partner or Outsource?”

    Technology solutions within
    financial services have significantly transformed the delivery of
    products and services and created heightened consumer expectations for
    speed, ease of access and efficiency. Barbara Boccia and fellow
    panelists from Chase as well as Regions Bank will discuss strategies
    for evaluating and managing fintech risk, without hindering the speed
    and innovation that drive technological solutions; how internal audit
    teams can support due diligence reviews; and decision drivers to buy,
    partner or outsource to fintech. 1:40 p.m. Monday, April 1, Gaylord
    National Harbor, Washington, DC

Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions, part of the company’s Governance,
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risk management and regulatory compliance solutions and services to U.S.
banks and credit unions, insurers and securities firms. The business
helps these financial institutions efficiently manage compliance
obligations tied to loan and deposit origination transactions and
workflows, manage risk and regulatory compliance obligations, and gain
the insights needed to focus on better serving their customers and
growing their business.

About Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance
Risk & Compliance (GRC) is a division of Wolters
, which provides legal and banking professionals with
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obligations, manage risk, increase efficiency, and produce better
business outcomes. GRC offers a portfolio of technology-enabled expert
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operations management, banking product compliance, and banking
regulatory compliance.

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