WorkJam Announces Acquisition of Peerio Technologies

Adds Leading secure messaging communication and file sharing to
enhance team communication and workstream collaboration

the leading digital workplace solutions provider, today announces the
completion of the acquisition of Peerio Technologies (“Peerio”), a
leading provider of employee communication software with one of the most
secure messaging and file sharing technology platforms on the market

By acquiring Peerio and its entire workforce, WorkJam is continuing to
invest in building the market’s most complete enterprise class digital
workplace platform – one that unifies the employee experience across an
ever-growing number of channels, devices, and touch points.

With this acquisition, WorkJam is enhancing its existing team
communication and workstream collaboration capabilities with secure live
chat enabling teams to connect and collaborate more effectively than
ever before. In addition, the secure document and content sharing
capabilities will enable teams to stay productive by making it easier to
share documents in a centralized workspace.

With the acquisition of Peerio, WorkJam delivers an even more robust
Digital Workplace solution, complete with the highest-level of security
and data privacy. The platform delivers greater security than
traditional enterprise-grade communication applications and exceeds
existing security standards, including those imposed by the military and
the healthcare, financial services, and legal sectors.

“When it comes to communicating with a large dispersed group of non-desk
workers, control over data security is everything,” said Steven Kramer,
CEO and co-founder of WorkJam. “Organizations can no longer afford the
immense risk of their employees using unsanctioned and unsecure
communication systems that cause a company to lose control over its
confidential data and the personal data of its employees. With the
addition of Peerio, WorkJam now provides the most secure digital
workplace platform available — a platform that exceeds the most
demanding security standards any enterprise could have when it comes to
communicating with their workforce.”

With Peerio, WorkJam provides users with three different secure modes of
communication: Live Chat, Channels, and Messaging. The live chat feature
provides a secure way for corporate and frontline team members to
message instantly with each other to communicate about day-to-day
activities and also securely share files in a chat format. The messaging
feature allows communication to be sent directly to a user’s in-box and
the channels feature provides the ability to post targeted
communications to different segments of the non-desk workforce or by
topic area and allows feedback through channel post comments and likes.
These modes of communication allow corporate headquarters personnel to
communicate directly to the frontline employees and frontline employees
to communicate between each other.

“We couldn’t be more proud to join forces with a company like WorkJam,”
said Vincent Drouin, founder and CEO of Peerio. “The team shares in our
mission to provide simple and secure communication for everyone.
Together, we will drive the future of enterprise communication and
collaboration in the Digital Workplace.”

WorkJam is a leading end-to-end solution that enables the digital
workplace for large and mid-sized service organizations. The WorkJam
Digital Workplace platform streamlines scheduling, communication,
training, task management, and more into a unified application for
employees across a wide range of industries, enabling companies with
non-desk workers to achieve outsized operational improvements, foster
collaboration, build their culture, and discover new ways of doing

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Adam Hatch
Vice President of Marketing, WorkJam