The BTS Sales Index, a Predictive Monthly Metric for Business Leaders, Decreases in September

BTS Sales Index
decreased by 0.7 points (-0.7%) in the month of
September to 108.5. The 1,000 companies surveyed for the BTS Sales Index
reported a decrease in aggregate revenue of $22 billion, down from
$3.395 trillion in August to $3.373 trillion. This is the first time the
index has decreased since June. BTS has been tracking the index since
October 2017.

The Sales Index’s decrease can be attributed to several factors:

  • The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, from 2 to 2.25 percent and
    the housing market is slowing down in large metro areas
  • Factory sector growth stalled after 15 months of expansion
  • Privately owned makers of cars, machinery, and other products stopped
  • Exports dropped to their lowest two years amid increasing tensions
    between the US and China
  • Despite this, private-sector employment continues to grow; ADP
    reported 230,000 new jobs in September
  • Services sectors experienced high growth and the USMCA trade deal is
    expected to improve economic outlook

What is the BTS Sales Index?

The BTS Sales Index is a simple and predictive monthly metric that gives
enterprise leaders the right vantage point by which to view their
critical business decisions.

It represents the aggregate total revenue of the 1,000 largest publicly
traded companies in the U.S. in one easy-to-understand number. Every
month, the total revenue reported by these companies is run through BTS’
custom-built indexing tool. The index uses Q2 2013 numbers as a baseline
based on the quarter’s stable economic recovery indicators.

The BTS Sales Index is published in the first week of every month,
reflecting the previous month’s data, along with context such as
industry-specific trends and job rates that impact revenue.

Find the BTS Sales Index here.

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