Does Your Company Rank on the Workplace Happiness Index?

WESTON, Mass., Sept. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — What if you woke up before your alarm went off, grinning ear to ear with eagerness to get to your job? Everyone deserves to have a job that makes them smile. So Monster, a global leader in connecting people and jobs, and kununu, the original employer review and ratings platform, have partnered to find the U.S. companies and industries whose workers are the happiest. Today, and throughout the week of September 18, their initial findings will be made available in five editions of the Monster • kununu Workplace Happiness Index**, which was developed from an analysis of the more than 500,000 U.S. employee rankings and reviews posted on kununu, in combination with an analysis of job postings from Monster.

Today, Monster and kununu are unveiling the first two in a series of five rankings from the Workplace Happiness Index:

  • Top 10 Companies for Worker Satisfaction — #1 is Omni Systems, Inc.
    The winners are a diverse mix that crosses the industrial spectrum—from a printing company to a fast food chain. The full list of Top 10 Companies for Worker Satisfaction is as follows:
  1. Omni Systems – 4.60
  2. Berkshire Hathaway – 4.09
  3. REI – 4.06
  4. Progressive – 3.97
  5. Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company – 3.96
  6. United States Army – 3.91
  7. TJX Companies – 3.90
  8. In-N-Out Burger – 3.82
  9. Delta Air Lines, Inc. – 3.75
  10. Wawa, Inc. – 3.74
  • Top 10 Industries for Worker Satisfaction — #1 is Tax Consulting/Auditing
    Other surprising industries that came out on top include market research and secondary education. The full list of Top 10 Industries for Worker Satisfaction is as follows:
  1. Tax Consulting/Auditing – 3.11
  2. Human Resources/Staffing and Resources – 2.96
  3. Consulting – 2.84
  4. Information Technology and Services/Network Security – 2.83
  5. Research and Development/Sciences – 2.81
  6. Arts/Culture/Entertainment – 2.80
  7. Internet/Media – 2.77
  8. Purchasing – 2.73
  9. Market Research – 2.72
  10. Primary & Secondary Education/Higher Education/E-Learning – 2.71

Other rankings, and their release dates, are as follows:

  • Top 10 Companies for Work-life Balance (September 19)
  • Top 10 Companies for Pride in Work (September 20)
  • Top 10 Companies for Career Development (September 21)

According to Chris Cho, Chief Product Officer for Monster, the Monster • kununu Workplace Happiness Index is another valuable tool to help job seekers make informed career decisions.

“These lists highlight the power of employer brand for both candidates and companies, and demonstrate Monster’s commitment to helping both sides ‘find better,'” says Cho. “Companies that focus on how they are perceived by candidates and employees see positive improvements in the number and quality of applicants, not to mention increased employee engagement. That’s why we at Monster are committed to helping our customers to develop their unique employer value propositions and promote that message to candidates.” 

Moritz Kothe, CEO of kununu adds, “It’s fascinating to see which industries and companies are excelling in areas that are important to today’s workers, and what areas employees feel need improvement. It’s up to employers to take this feedback into consideration as they compete for talent in an ever-evolving marketplace.”

In creating the Workplace Happiness Index, kununu applied its 5-star rating system to 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction and identified the companies with the highest overall level of worker happiness. Then, Monster analyzed job-market data and hiring history at these companies, and matched it with job listings on Monster.

Monster Worldwide and kununu first partnered in the U.S. in 2016 to give job seekers a fuller picture of the jobs market and a richer view into the companies they may pursue. To date, the kununu database has over 500,000 U.S. reviews on how employees feel about their past and current work experiences, covering over 60,000 companies in 42 different industries.

** The Monster • kununu Workplace Happiness Index includes industry data provided by kununu from August 2016 to July 2017. Reviews on kununu are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction with each dimension assigned a star rating. The above information is the average of those ratings over a 12 month period. Only companies with a minimum of 15 reviews were considered for these lists.

About kununu
kununu is the original employer review and ratings platform committed to creating transparency in the workplace. kununu helps people who are taking an active role in their career progression and want to learn more about companies that might be the right fit. kununu launched in the U.S. in 2016 and has collected over 500,000 reviews and more than 2 million data points in the last 12 months. Reviews are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction to help Talent and HR teams attract and retain quality candidates, while providing job seekers with workplace insights that matter to make sound work-life decisions. With global headquarters in Vienna, Austria, kununu is the leading employer review platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company was founded in 2007 and acquired by XING AG in 2013. See more about kununu at

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