Worthy Financial Announces the Closing of Its Seed Financing Round

Company Poised to Bring the First Viable Retail Distribution Solution to
Peer Lending

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalFinance–Worthy, a digital investment app that redefines how Americans access
investment products, diversify their portfolios and save for retirement,
announced the successful closing of its seed financing round. The funds
will be used for the full-scale roll-out of the Worthy mobile app, and
will enable Worthy to expand its growing user base as well as to broaden
the array of investment product options it offers retail investors.

Worthy is the first digital investing and savings solution that ensures
that every consumer can possess a well-diversified portfolio that
includes investment products that were previously only available to
wealthy investors.

Worthy provides users with the unprecedented ability to spend their way
to retirement by investing retail round-ups into high-yielding fixed
interest bonds, the proceeds of which fund growing businesses. In doing
so, anyone has the capability to build a nest egg, enhance portfolio
returns, mitigate risk, and generate both social as well as financial
returns. Worthy investors grow their portfolios while simultaneously
supporting American entrepreneurs.

“We are witnessing a dramatic sea change in financial services. Hi-tech
advisory solutions are displacing conventional intermediaries and we are
in the early stages of experiencing a significant capital shift in asset
classes,” says Sally Outlaw, CEO of Worthy and pioneer of the
crowdfinance movement. “The once thriving retail brokerage industry is
on the verge of being obsoleted by technology as a new generation of
millennial investors increasingly look to robo-advisors, marketplace
lending and equity crowdfunding platforms for investment alternatives.
Worthy is one of those alternatives that provides an attractive yield
while better aligning those returns with the investor’s values and

Although yield-starved sophisticated investors have been increasingly
allocating more and more of their capital to alternative asset classes
such as real estate and private company debt, most retail investors are
still unaware that modern technology and a new regulatory regime allows
them to access these products online in very small aggregates.

“The problem is most Americans mistakenly believe that they lack the
capital necessary to start saving or investing. Worthy addresses this
staggering yet underserved market by ensuring that anyone who purchases
goods or services can be well on their way to building an investment
portfolio,” added Outlaw.

As the only digital investment conduit to the peer and crowd finance
industries, Worthy is in a unique position to bring retail distribution
to an emerging breed of alternative assets such as peer to peer lending
notes and online real estate investments.

“In our Beta testing, we proved that people are hungry for yield and
that Worthy users purchase peer-structured notes at twice the rate of
investors originating from other sources,” Outlaw continued. “While this
round of funding will help Worthy significantly grow our user base, the
ultimate beneficiaries will be the majority of Americans who feel they
have been abandoned by established financial institutions and
marginalized by regulations that have blocked them from accessing many
of the most lucrative financial products,” Outlaw concluded.

About Worthy
Worthy is a digital investing app and savings
solution that helps users gather and grow a nest egg by rounding up
their daily purchases and investing the spare change into higher
yielding alternative assets more aligned with their values and
lifestyle. Click
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