Artem Gurin and Dagrsol Searching Engine inc Release a New Unique Crypto-currency

MOSCOW, July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Dagrsol Searching Engine inc. announces the completion of the development of its own crypto-currency “DAGRA” and the launch of the ICO stage.

In July 2017, the company enters the initial coin offering and begins preparations for the launch of the new generation decentralized search service browser DagrSearch. DagrSearch will distribute 90% of all earned funds from traffic and advertising between users of the DagrSearch network. The search service browser has server space from all users, from anywhere on Earth, i.e. anyone can become the user and the network member. Each user will receive a reward in the crypto-currency “DAGRA”.

To quickly increase the number of users of the product, the company “DagrsolSearching Engine inc.” applied a unique concept of development, where each member of the network, installing the software “DagrSearch”, receives a gift coupon in the form of 5 options, which in the future can be changed for shares, when the company enters an IPO. Active participants will be paid remuneration of the crypto-currency “DAGRA”. Each participant will receive on their wallet 1 “DAGRA” for every 10 participants invited simply by registering and sending a referral link for downloading the software for “DagrSearch”. Analysts are predicting a broad take-off of “DAGRA” because of ease of mining and the user-friendly interface. The development of the search service, where all payments will be made in the DAGRA crypto-currency will additionally attract about 20 million users of crypto-currency each year. As a result of such a high demand, DAGRAS quotes on crypto-exchanges will grow.

The president of the company, Artem Gurin said: “No other crypto-currency will have as many users due to a wide range of products and ‘DAGRA’ will become one of the most famous and popular crypto-currencies in the world.” A cryptocrat (holder of 1000 coins of the crypto currency “DAGRA”) will have the ability to vote in smart contracts. They will be a privileged cryptocrat able to use their votes in the implementation of new projects, for example, the education system “Dagrsol academy”, as well as participate in the construction of new cottage settlements on the system of doomed houses “Dagrsol Land”. With these products alone, the company’s share price will soar over $100 at its current rate of $20.1. With completely new financial and economic solutions, the bravest users will be able to participate in big changes, creating a new era.

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Artem Gurin