India Santa – India’s First Experiential Gifting and Gift Registry Service

BANGALORE, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Most people strive to be unique and different from others, and everyone wants a different holiday experience. Some want to go to a location that makes their neighbours jealous and some want to surprise their spouses by taking them on a cruise holiday. Everyone wants something that is a little more than a holiday or a little more than the usual surprise. India Santa, an experience startup, understands this completely. It is India’s first e-commerce portal offering experiential holidays and gift registry services.

Traveling is not just about exploring a new place; it is about the experience it offers. To find someone who can customise exciting experiences and help people in finding more value in traveling, one doesn’t need to look any further. India Santa does that as it aims to enable its customers to create memories of a lifetime through its innovative ideas and personal touch, which makes each and every customer feel special.

Adventure seekers look no further     

India is a country blessed with varied heritage, culture and landscape. India Santa has done thorough research on this and has specially picked more than 1000 experiences that it offers in India. Its research team is constantly working to develop the adventure category and adds new experiences every day. There is only one life to live and so many things to experience; with India Santa one can have it all, whatever maybe the budget range. At India Santa, one has a wide variety of choices in this category, be it land, air or water adventures. From riding in a helicopter, trekking to the highest peak, hot air balloon ride to sky diving, India Santa makes it all possible. And for the water lovers – scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing, yacht ride and camping on the beach – are some of the exciting activities to grab.

For those who want to indulge in some relaxing activities, there are leisure activities such as food walks, getaways and city tours; health and wellness special which has yoga, healing therapies and life coaching; hobbies like photography, music and craft sessions; self-discovery sessions; luxury experiences like exotic drives, fine dining experiences created by a top chef and sailing to name a few. Whatever one has on their bucket list, they will definitely find it here.

Specially designed bouquet of experiences and products    

With India Santa, one doesn’t have to spend time doing research to find things as per their interests, this portal makes it simple for everyone. It has created experience boxes that make it easy for the customers to choose from a wide variety of experiences as per their preferences.

With time crunch, gifting becomes a matter of stress. Now, India Santa offers gift vouchers of more than 50 leading brands available on its website in multiple denominations. It also has niche products specially crafted by artisans for customers who are looking for unique gifts for their loved ones. All this can be simply done online with a click of the mouse.

Gift registry – Weddings and other special occasions made easy      

India Santa is the first company that offers the service of gift registry to its customers. It is a new concept in India, which increases the utility of the gift. So, next time there is a wedding in the family, all one has to do is register on the website, and create a list and make it easier for their loved ones to know what they can gift them on their special day.

Corporate gifting     

India Santa offers its services not just to individuals and groups but also to organisations. Its corporate offering has co-branded products and experience boxes, which can be given as gifts to the clients. It also has gift vouchers that can be given as employee rewards and handpicked experiences, which can be used for various purposes of team interaction and motivation.

Whether one is planning their next holiday, picking a quirky birthday gift for their friend or making life simpler by registering for gifts, India Santa is the one-stop place for all.

Media Contact:
Meenu Singhal
CEO and Founder
India Santa