SIYIOU Leads Chinese Exporting Companies to Phase 4.0 of Chinese Foreign Trade

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — China is a big country in the area of foreign trade, with 600,000 registered import and export companies according to the customs record. How do Chinese foreign traders do business with overseas buyers? How do suppliers and buyers find each other? For many Chinese foreign traders there was no such a thing as marketing or online marketing, especially before 2008. They just attended Canton Fair and other big fairs of their own industries, waiting for buyers. This stage can be thought of as phase 1.0 of Chinese foreign trade.

But since the big economic crisis in Europe and the Americas, the case became totally different, waiting at fairs no longer worked that well. And then saved many small and medium-sized foreign traders followed by and other B2B platforms. Suppliers and buyers were able to meet together and discuss every detail without any geographic or cultural barriers, saving time and communicating efficiently. Most importantly, foreign traders got their customers and orders, maybe not so easily but they survived. This is Phase 2.0 of Chinese foreign trade, during which internet began to play a big part.

As more and more suppliers and manufacturers swarmed to the platforms and the volume of purchasing grew slowly or stopped growing, the competition between suppliers on B2B platforms thus became more and more fierce. To win more customers and orders, foreign traders needed to renew their mindset and marketing strategies as online marketing includes more than B2B platforms,  They began to do email marketing, content marketing, big data marketing, search engine PPC, social media marketing, and so on. This is Phase 3.0 of Chinese foreign trade, during which the internet is fully used and online marketing also plays a big part.

We are currently in Phase 3.0 of Chinese foreign trade, it’s the time of online marketing. There are many ways you can be visible online. But the thing is what would your potential buyers see you online? Your B2B platform profiles and your Facebook profiles? Yes they are working well for you and in good hands, but they are not in your own hands, what if the rules of B2B platforms and social media change? You have to have something in your own hands! And that something is your own official website!

In China there is an online marketing service provider named Siyiou ( founded by Mr. HE Xumin and his partners. According to Mr. HE, online marketing system based on foreign traders’ official websites is Phase 4.0 of Chinese foreign trade. “As a leading online marketing service provider for Chinese exporting companies, we are supposed to see the trend before foreign traders do”, Mr. HE said. “It is our responsibility to picture Phase 4.0 for them and help them to grow out of the old phase and face the future.”

Siyiou is short for Siyiou Network Technology Co., Ltd. With its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Siyiou has been providing SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) service to all kinds of industries and Chinese companies of any scale since 2003. As one of the initial SEO service providers of China, Siyiou still commits itself to the SEO industry, and in order to serve this industry better, it keeps a technology team of 500 senior IT engineers and SEO experts.

Mr. HE Xumin is a creative person, and so his team is creative and innovative and always sees and acts along with the trend. In this new time, SEO service by itself cannot help Chinese foreign traders to go far, they need new tools. In December 2013, Siyiou successfully developed Foreign Trade Express, and in early 2014, Foreign Trade Express was put into China market with Hangzhou as a start.

Foreign Trade Express is a one-stop smart network marketing system, which is developed on the basis of advanced SEO technology and online marketing skills and especially for Chinese foreign traders. Using Foreign Trade Express, foreign traders can develop their own official English website and websites in 47 other languages, and for each PC website there is a mobile version that was developed in accordance with a Google Mobile-friendly algorithm.

Before website development, foreign traders only have to define and make a list of keywords and terms according to product features and potential customers searching possibilities, and provide content of high relevance. When websites are ready, SEO begins automatically. With 1 to 3 months after that, as Siyiou guaranteed, the website will rank in the top 10 in Google SERPs for 50 to 1000 keywords and terms.

Not only helping with Google SEO, Foreign Trade Express also helps Chinese foreign traders share their products information with hundreds of B2B and B2C platforms, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. And, with other marketing tools within the same system, foreign traders can easily find where the potential customers are and what they prefer, and with the detailed information, foreign traders can do email marketing and content marketing accordingly. Thus, Foreign Trade Express is called a smart online marketing system.

With the help of Foreign Trade Express, nearly 10,000 small and medium-sized Chinese foreign traders established their own online marketing system based on their own official websites. They are now not only focusing on the traditional English-speaking market, but are also develop their non-English speaking market. With the big picture of traditional market and emerging market, small and medium-sized Chinese foreign traders can also go global, not only in business but also in mindset and marketing strategies. They are ready for Phase 4.0 of Chinese foreign trade.

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