Excito Partners With Ingram Micro Mobility For Swedish Supply Chain Solution

Excito has signed a Purchase Agreement with
Brightpoint Sweden AB (“Ingram Micro Mobility”) that will see Ingram Micro
Mobility deliver products and value added services to operators.

provides entertainment on-demand to operators and service providers; delivering
own brand solutions that include its range of View TV boxes, Listen Stereo
devices and Share media storage.

Excito solutions are sold to operators and service providers globally –
customers who demand advanced supply chain services to help manage the
complexity of dealing with new products and suppliers. Excito turned to Ingram
Micro Mobility in Sweden to help it meet the demands of its customers.

the two companies offer a full end to end solution – covering transportation,
logistics, local customisation and reverse logistics. 

on the partnership, Patrik Nilsson, CEO of Excito said, “In order to manage the
product supply to our customers, we turned to Ingram Micro Mobility, who have
the scale, expertise and reputation for delivering advanced supply chain
solutions, and we have worked closely with them to create a solution for our

Egeskov, Vice President of Nordic Cluster, Distribution, Sales and Marketing at
Ingram Micro Mobility said, “We saw that Excito and its customers could benefit
from our end-to-end supply chain, designed for every phase of the device
lifecycle from start to finish. We look forward to working with them and their
customers as they expand.”

Excito solution has been launched with Tele2 Group under the brand Tele2 TV
Player where it is available on the Swedish market.